Everything That Went Down at EVO 2022

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Everything That Went Down at EVO 2022

The Evolution Championship Series 2022 comes to a close. And after a searing hot weekend of fighting game action.

History is written by those who dare to achieve the immortal glory of champions on the biggest stage of all. The Evolution Championship Series made a grandiose return in 2022 after controversy and the Covid-19 pandemic under new management.


Over the weekend, we bore witness to some of the greatest players in the Fighting Game Community competing for the crown of their respective games. The up and comers of today, clashed with the titans of the community and possibly the champions of tomorrow, played pools this year.

Anyway! Here are the Top 8 of all the featured fighting games in descending order of signees. We wish to congratulate everyone who fought hard and well this weekend!

Guilty Gear -Strive- (2158 Sign-Ups)

(Placement/Name/Eliminated In)

1. Razer UMISHO in Grand Finals

2. ANKAA Slash (L) in Grand Finals

3. TSM Leffen in Losers Final

4. Moist Hotashi in Losers' Semi-Final

5. Daru_I-No in Losers' Quarter-Final

5. PepperySplash in Losers' Quarter-Final

7. M&I TempestNYC in Losers' Round 1

7. Bean in Losers Round 1

Street Fighter V: Championship Edition (1324 Sign Ups)

(Placement/Name/Eliminated In)

1. HitBox Kawano in Grand Finals

2. XSet iDom (L) in Grand Finals

3. Red Bull gaichikun in Losers' Final

4. ROHTO Z! Tokido in Losers' Semi-Final

5. Mildom BST Daigo “The Beast” in Losers' Quarter-Final

5. UYU Oil King in Losers' Quarter-Final

7. Saltmine League Mister Crimson in Losers' Round 1

7. EMGG Justakid in Losers' Round 1

TEKKEN 7 (1218 Sign Ups)

(Placement/Name/Eliminated In)

1. DRX Knee in Grand Finals

2. FATE KHAN (L) in Grand Finals

3. FATE Arslan Ash in Losers Final

4. DH.CNJ JeonDDing in Losers Semi-Final

5. CRaZY Super Akouma in Losers Quarter-Final

5. KDF Meo-IL in Losers Quarter-Final

7. DONUTS USG PINYA in Losers Round 1

7. DONUTS USG Rangchu in Losers Round 1

The King of Fighters XV (1009 Sign Ups)

(Placement/Name/Eliminated In)

1. Brook ZJZ in Grand Finals

2. Brook E.T. (L) in Grand Finals

3. XiaoHeyTW in Losers Finals

4. (Kor) Lancid in Losers Semi-Final

5. AMTRS SCORE in Losers Quarter-Final

5. PAKO in Losers Quarter-Final

7. SP Mok in Losers Round 1

7. SW Seis mx in Losers Round 1

Dragon Ball: FighterZ (635 Sign Ups)

(Placement/Name/Eliminated In)

1. BMS Wawa (L) in Grand Finals

2. Rise Nitro in Grand Finals

3. Solary Yasha in Losers' Finals

4. Kanye in Losers' Semi-Final

5. LegendaryyPred in Losers' Quarter-Final

5. CAG Fenritti in Losers' Quarter-Final

7. Zane in Losers' Round 1

7. GIA Shanks in Losers Round 1

Grandblue Fantasy: Versus (525 Sign Ups)

(Placement/Name/Eliminated In)

1. GS gamera (L) in Grand Finals

2. tororo in Grand Finals

3. tako. in Losers Finals

4. PGW Ren in Losers' Semi-Final

5. WIZ Dragoi in Losers' Quarter-Final

5. 神木C in Losers' Quarter-Final

7. ZomBmu in Losers' Round 1

7. Shinku in Losers' Round 1

Mortal Kombat 11: Ultimate (464 Sign Ups)

(Placement/Name/Eliminated In)

1. T7G Scorpionprocs in Grand Finals

2. Rewind (L) in Grand Finals

3. T7G Nicolas in Losers' Finals

4. A F0xy Grampa in Losers' Semi-Final

5. SonicFox in Losers' Quarter-Final

5. Han Rashid in Losers' Quarter-Final

7. CGL KingGambler in Losers' Round 1

7. Venom KillerXinok in Losers' Round 1

MELTY BLOOD: Type Lumina (411 Sign Ups)

(Placement/Name/Eliminated In)

1. Jing (L) in Grand Finals

2. EMGG Masoma (L) in Grand Finals

3. Kiri in Losers' Finals

4. Scarwt Vermillion in Losers' Semi-Final

5. SOBASABA uncle_akkey in Losers' Quarter-Final

5. ul in Losers Quarter-Final

7. Safe in Losers' Round 1

7. MSGK Lunar in Losers' Round 1

Skullgirls: 2nd Encore (295 Sign Ups)

(Placement/Name/Eliminated In)

1. SonicFox in Grand Finals

2. EG dekillsage in Grand Finals

3. Yesu penpen in Losers' Finals

4. Cloud in Losers Semi-Final

5. Deskvillage LazyBakeOven in Losers' Quarter-Final

5. WingZero in Losers' Quarter-Final

7. Stuff in Losers' Round 1

7. Dudeguy M.B. in Losers' Round 1


Of course, it wouldn't be EVO without a slew of announcements for the Fighting Game Community, the biggest one is EVO Japan will return next year to Tokyo, Japan. It's set for March 31 to April 2 at the Tokyo Big Sight, with the entire lineup we saw on Sunday (Guilty Gear -Strive-, Street Fighter V: Champion Edition, Tekken 7 and The King of Fighters XV). With more news on the final lineup, registration and schedule coming later this year.

We also saw the rollout of several games getting rollback net code. For those not in the know, Rollback netcode is a middleware software specifically made to compensate for the lag in online matchups. Instead of waiting for inputs to be communicated between players, this code will predict a player's inputs, and communicate them and if they aren't corrected the game autocorrects those mistakes. Since the start of the Covid-19 pandemic, there has been more of a push to integrate the system into all current fighting games, and there has been some effort to mod them into older titles as well.

Currently, most titles use middleware, but at EVO, Arc System Works announced that they'll add the feature to some of their older titles retroactively. These include – Dragon Ball:FighterZ and Persona 4 Arena Ultimax, which was recently re-released. In addition to that, SNK has announced that The King of Fighters XV will receive cross-play functionality, allowing players from all platforms to compete with each other. And the 2019 released Samurai Showdown will also receive an update to include Rollback netcode.

We also had some announcements for new Characters! Rounding out The King of Fighters XV's Season 1 will be Team Samurai, with three characters from the iconic Samurai Showdown. That team consists of Haohmaru, Nakoruru and Darli Dagger and will release in autumn of this year. With Season 2 being scheduled to start in 2023.

Tekken creator, and the coolest man in gaming, Katsuhiro Harada was proud to announce that Tekken 7 had now become the highest-grossing title in the franchise's history. And asked us to be ready for the next battle! Tekken 7 is going to see some major balance adjustments in the near future, with new tech added to deepen the gameplay. The Tekken World Tour 2022 Finals will also take place in the Netherlands, Amsterdam from February 4 to February 5 in 2023. Which might round out the last year we're going to see Tekken 7 on the big stage.

Because after almost 7 years of Tekken 7, we got a little teaser of what the future or perhaps the past of Tekken will look like. The little teaser shows the ending of the original Tekken, transitions into a photorealistic Kazuya looking into the camera. But Tekken fans were quick to point out, that this couldn't be a remake or reboot of the first game because Kazuya only received his iconic scar and glowing eyes after the events of Tekken 2.

Earlier last week, we were informed that Street Fighter 6 is going to release with two more additional in-game commentators. Including but not limited to the always exciting Tasty Steve and FGC mainstay and certified commentary legend James Chen.

But we also got a taste of what the future of Street Fighter will look like. With Capcom revealing two more fighters after the Grand Finals this year. First up is newcomer Kimberly an urban new age Ninja who fights using spray cans. The other character revealed is the oh-so-sadistic Juri Han. Who returns after being a mainstay in both Street Fighter IV and Street Fighter V. She looks about as brutal as ever and will be joining roster that currently is made up of 7 characters. And with Street Fighter VI releasing next year, chances are high that we'll be seeing those two next year at EVO!

Season 1 of Guilty Gear -Strive- also came to a close not long ago with the release of [Insert Character here]. Season 2 will kickstart by launching with Bridget! The Yo-Yo slinging bounty hunter joins the battle with his trusty teddy bear Roger. And he's out today. Yes, they announced a brand-new character, a new season and all of that should be playable now!

That's all we have from EVO 2022, to stay updated on all things gaming and esports, check us out here at ESTNN.

Everything That Went Down at EVO 2022
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