Everything Revealed in PC Gaming Show’s 2023 Preview

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Everything Revealed in PC Gaming Show’s 2023 Preview

We look into the anticipated game titles that were revealed during the PC Gaming Show 2023 Preview!

It's been quite a year for videogames.

As gamers all around the globe eagerly wait to see who will take the title of 2022's Game of the Year, PC Gamer looked to the future in their preview show for the most exciting videogame releases slated for 2023. Hosted by Frankie Ward, the live event featured developer insights, first-look trailers, and fantastic demos that made us excited for the fun year ahead.

Here are the games unveiled during the conference.

Jumplight Odyssey

Following a lost battle, Princes Euphora brings what is left of her people in search of the Foreverstar to keep hope alive whilst being pursued by evil forces. This roguelite colony simulation game takes its style from classic 70's genre staples, and is slated for Early Access in 2023 via Steam.

Shadows of Doubt

A low-poly investigative journey has you play as a detective in a city so full of corruption and classic noir savagery that it'll make a man want to moodily narrate his gritty outlook over jazz in black and white.

PC Gamer's co-host also shot off on additional titles that featured on the live show.

  • Street Fighter 6 gameplay
  • Vengeful Guardian Moonrider wages war against totalitarianism in retro fashion

Falconeer Chronicles Bulwark

Set in the Great Ursee, manage and develop your very own megafortress in this simulator lovingly developed by BAFTA-nominated Tomas Sala himself.

Gori Cuddly Carnage

Gori Cuddly Carnage is a game set in a hyperviolent future that lets you play a kitty-cat that does (literally) killer tricks on a hoverboard stained in neon-lit gore. Need we say more?


Open-world survival has found a new home in Ravenbound, a “roguelite” set in a heavily norse-inspired world where you fight a widespread adversary known as “the Hatred”. Beautiful vistas and wonderfully visceral combat abound in Ravenbound. This fresh title is available for Steam Wishlists right now!


Rogue Trader

This grimdark adventurer lets you navigate the treacherous Koronus Expanse of the epic Warhammer universe. As you venture across the frontier of the mighty God-Emperor's domain, no enemy will be beyond your wrath as this team-based RPG has you encounter murderous Xenos, warp-spawned horrors, ancient technology and worst of all, heretics!

Special mentions went to great videogame releases in between. These included the following:

  • Nightingale has you transport to the fey realm to combat unknown horrors
  • Forspoken combines parkour and magic as you combat a castle full of skeletons
  • Arran: The Book of Heroes gives off strong Darkest Dungeon vibes
  • Frozen Flame gives emphasis to adventure, letting players dabble in high magic instead of focusing on their hunger bar

Warhammer 40k: Darktide

Take back Tertium! The latest entry in the highly acclaimed first-person shooter (FPS) survival series, Darktide brings the grit and firepower of its genre and gives it a rugged upgrade that's happily slated for release on Nov 30, 2022.

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We also got first-looks for more game titles slated for 2023.

  • Project Winter
  • Ova Magica
  • Dungeons of the Amber Griffin

Level Zero

TinyBuild Games captivated viewers with the first ever trailer of their 6-player PvP sci-fi horror title “Level Zero”. A premium team-based action horror, this game already has our eyes peeled for the many extraterrestrial dangers that are out to get us. Among Us will get the Alien: Isolation treatment for Xbox, PlayStation, and Steam in 2023.

Kerbal: Space Program 2

A developer interview with creative director Nate Simpson was prefaced with pre-alpha footage on the big space sim's sequel. All-new features and exploration mechanics were teased for the early access. Player exploration will be rewarded with advanced technology, and the sequel will also let astronauts establish colonies across worlds. Rocket builds have gotten a lot of love and attention as well. The hugely popular space sim sequel will get its launch on Feb 24, 2023.

Another videogame montage graced our screens, with a couple of familiar titles that took the stage:

  • Witchfire
  • Dead Space
  • Deliver Us Mars
  • Wildhearts
  • Octopath Traveler 2
  • Mask of the Rose
  • Sons of the Forest
  • Park Beyond
  • Bomb Rush Cyberpark
  • The Expanse
  • Lightyear Frontier

The Repair House

A new laid-back sandbox from the creators of PC Building Simulator lets you get the sense of accomplishment from restoring antiques in your own private domicile.

Abiotic Factor

Survive a trans-dimensional catastrophe with a team of brilliant scientists as you brave unpredictable dangers and work together to fix the fabric of reality.

Quick mentions also showcased exclusive gameplay footage for upcoming titles in between.

  • Hyenas
  • Gunbrella
  • ZERO Sievart
  • High on Life

Once Human

Cosmic horrors have plunged the world into chaos. A post-apocalyptic earth filled with incomprehensible foes gave us a team-based survival shooter that just screamed Lovecraftian.  This standout from Starry Studio will find its way to our reality on January 6, 2023 with a beta test scheduled on December 15, 2022.


The world premiere for Aska gives us our first look at a wintery landscape filled with colossal dangers. Albeit a brief snippet, this dramatic introduction to the game's snowy open world made us hopeful that Aska would surpass current expectations.

More games were given quick segments in between:

  • Lichemvale is a first person slasher arms players with swords and magic
  • Star Wars: Jedi Survivor has you evade the Empire's most dangerous hunters
  • Moon Mystery investigates supernatural occurrences on Earth's favorite satellite
  • Hunt the Night is a top down action game that will help you get your Bloodbourne fix as you wait for the remaster that's never going to come


We were introduced to Superfuse's elemental character classes in but an all-too-brief splatterfest of supernaturally glorious proportions. Catch Superfuse on Early Access on Jan 31, 2023 and uncover a massive conspiracy involving the world's elites.

Clash: Artifacts of Chaos

Backed by its touching voiceacting, this cell shaded adventure follows a compellingly original story told in pain and clashing fists. Embark on a dangerous journey that threatens those under your care once Clash: Artifacts of Chaos comes out on Febuary 9, 2023.

Endless Dungeon

A spunky gameplay trailer for Endless Dungeon showed off its awesome gunplay that promised endless amounts of fun with its quirky characters. You can sign up to try it for yourself right now on their official website.

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Valve also got a segment to share their plans to bring their handheld Steam Deck to more parts of the world!

Another montage gave viewers additional snippets of future releases, namely:

  • Bio-gun
  • Daydream: Forgotten Sorrow
  • Earth From Another Sun
  • Glimmer in Mirror, Ark 2
  • Hollow Knight Silksong
  • Star Trek Resurgence
  • Battle Bit Remastered
  • Dredge
  • Redfall
  • Karlson
  • Final Fantasy XVI
  • Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League

The Great War: Western Front

The studio behind Command and Conquer: Remastered lets you strategically send your forces across battlefields over a course of months in this new title. Redefine how one of the greatest wars of the world ends once 2023 arrives.

More colorful games were showcased side-by-side, which included:

  • Spitfire
  • Xenonauts 2
  • Inkbound
  • Songs of Conquest

Cygnus Enterprises

Team Miaozi gives us our first look into their space exploration game where you help a megacorporation rebuild and expand their territory into dangerous alien worlds. Early access for Cygnus Enterprises will release Dec 16, 2022.

More quick features were introduced in between, giving us more on:

  • Untamed Tactics
  • Masterplan Tycoon
  • Men of War 2

Solium Infernum

Solinum Infernum is a “simultaneous turn-based political strategy game for up to six players”. This otherworldly game highlights an unholy power struggle in hell that threatens to rock the very foundations of our world. That said, it is definitely high on our list of games to look out for in 2023!


Shape the future of humanity in the aftermath of climate change in this beautiful twist of a city-builder. Available now on Steam!

Crossfire: Legion

A futuristic RTS with a commanding presence, Crossfire: Legion is a huge contender amongst PC Gamer's soon-to-release game roster, making it a good piece for all fans of the genre. The game has a free weekend that starts on December 8, 2022 where anyone can sample its unique brand of war, so take advantage of the opportunity!

PC Gamer's Top 6 Games to Look Forward To:

6. The Finals

Revealed on August, this shooter features well-programmed environmental destruction that players can use to their advantage with unique tools, advanced tech, and promising challenges that will keep anyone at the edge of their seat.

5. Baldur's Gate 3

The beloved RPG series finds its full release date on 2023. The future of the Forgotten Realms will be in your hands once more as you battle the nefarious Ilithid in one of the world's most beloved RPGs.

4. Starfield

Bethesda has promised Skyrim on a galactic scale that has all fans nervously eager. But new gameplay footage gave us an exciting hope.

3. Diablo 4

The legendary lootchaser got the spotlight on this list with more gameplay snippets that had all the long-time Diablo fans hyped even more for its release.

2. Company of Heroes 3

Two of its devastating campaigns will be played on a grand scale that will see players war in destructible environments on February 23, 2023.

1. Homeworld 3

20 years in the making, this massive tactical battlespace game held PC Gamer's #1 spot for 2023 must-haves. Command your squad and outmaneuver enemy forces when Homeworld 3 comes out in the first half of 2023.

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Everything Revealed in PC Gaming Show’s 2023 Preview
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