Every Epic Games Store Content Freebie You Can Get This Holiday Season

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Every Epic Games Store Content Freebie You Can Get This Holiday Season

All the freebie content you can get from the Epic Games Store this holiday season!

Right now, the Epic Games Store is spreading around a lot of Christmas cheer. You've got massive savings available for their near month-long Holiday Sale and a 15-day Free Games Event. But that's not all. In honor of the holidays, there are a bunch of in-game freebies you can snatch up for Fortnite, Rocket League, Warframe, and Fall Guys. Here's what you can get and how to get them. 


Log in to Fortnite anytime between now and January 3, 2023, and head over to the Item Shop. There you can pick up the Winterfest Guff Gringle Outfit for free. 

According to Epic Games, there are no plans to make the Guff Gringle Outfit available for purchase in the Item Shop later. Don't miss out on it. 

PUBG: Battlegrounds

From now until January 5, 2023, you can pick up the free PUBG Founder's Pack from the Epic Games Store. The PUBG Founder's Pack consists of six cosmetic items. 

Fall Guys

From now until January 5, 2023, Fall Guys players can pick up the Snowberry costume for free. And no, by Snowberry, I don't mean a duo costume of CW's Barry Allen and Caitlin Snow.


Warframe fans can enjoy Lua's Prey with some new free gear courtesy of the Epic Games Store. 

Log in to Warframe now, and you'll be able to claim a 3-day Affinity Booster, Hek Weapon, Slot, and a Tenno Color Palette for free. 

Thanks to the Epic Game Store for providing us with these free goodies this holiday season.

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