European Fortnite Champion Series Heats Revealed

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European Fortnite Champion Series Heats Revealed

Epic Games has announced the first round of heats for the Fortnite Champion Series Season Finals.

Europe’s competitive Fortnite scene is arguably the best top to bottom in terms of its talent. The overseas region possesses such high-tier players as Mongraal, benjyfishy, Stompy, aqua and many others. For that reason, the Fortnite Champion Series Finals for Europe will likely produce fireworks as the competition nears its conclusions. Epic Games has announced all four of the heats in the FNCS Finals, which will take place from December 6th to December 8th. Let’s take a look at which teams qualified and who will be squaring off against one another.

Heat One

MΛGL, EMXXRR The 7th々, DMSIK々, vipeя xd

TrainH BlastR., TrainH Seth, TrainH Yagsou, TrainH Alpha.

Scriwy, Lil Flecken, Lil Connie ., Lil Lind.

Atlantis MarkusC, Atlantis kejseR, SNG Trippernn, Secret Skram

lolmage yt, SRN Adn, Hardfinddd, Jаkеi

umpedump123, washedsnappy123, MIROOOOOOOOOOOO., kingmatsoe123

Kiujy_Y, SrStrikerr, Thund3ЯG0D, Socio2k Mitr0Fan

JuleZZ., OTW Attak, Nɛro., SwayzeNN.

Wave K0nfetti, V Enc GreenS0ck, GL LYGHT, GL Emqu

ВEАSТ, Refsgаard, gamingkuno, A haxcore

GO Deadra, GO Nyx, Oraηge, GO Xoxo

ΙDrop, BL Flikk, MSF Endretta, Troqz

k1nzеll, 200quickdead, TrainH Falconly, сrr

Jaiz ., xypher karma, R9 Beruda, Henny1x 27

nа1t, forcezkiy, 32 l1mple, rolixen

Xypher Primzhy, Xypher Virsuh, Xypher Edison, Xyphеr Swapz

MCES Andilex, COOLER 4zr ㅤ, COOLER Noward, Vitαlity DRG

frag duze1x., Technique, Gеanzha, Wave Nudelkongen

IceFirе, Ayummm_, Flame. _ ., GiboN .

LEМ0N, quadrа, zull ., саl

Solary Airwaks, LeStream Skite, LeStream Vato, Solary Nîkof

Slide Frozen, Braizzouu, BFC Mayzen, BFC Albraik

keezen.NewG, stigouzz.NewG, CLEMENT ک, blakee.BDS

ggmyg7133348, ogdog7133348, laidbackxD, іmage

qvado777, Pate1k., frеemok, Gambit Toose

Kicking off the European Fortnite Champion Series Finals is the first twenty-five squads in heat one. Most notably in this heat is the team of k1nzell, mitr0, TrainH Falconly and crr. This squad came out of the gate hotter than any other team and cooled off before week one of the FNCS Qualifiers. Mitr0 and his teammates returned to form and are in good shape heading into the finals.

Another squad quietly flying under the radar includes MCES Andilex, COOLER 4zr, COOLER Noward and Vitality DRG. Andilex’s team claimed victory in two of the four qualifiers and finished no worse than fifth place. Although much of the attention is on the other heavy-hitting squads, this foursome should not go overlooked.

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Heat Two

Monkeyf4ce, N47 Socka, Fickzi, svаki

Fnatic Motor, Secret Mexe, Fnatic smeefrr, Fnatic Verox

RBK Ritz, TSM_Crue, LG beehive, chapix 74

Secret_Milan, Robabz., knifеr, Atlantis Magin

Ghost Kamo, M10 Pepper, M10 fledermoys, RijasR.

CaptainWind, xp Jamz, xKumu, Imsdalo

mavjoe, DjaniBоi, NoFlex Swaggi, jurrі

Veloce SAEVID, Veloce lolb0om, Veloce Corе, Atlantis Tuckz

Feу, SNG Freq, SNG Dyrvig, Hanckee

Eon RedRush, drobbаn, Eon znappy, wakiе

Stride Tobi, Rysix Lareez, Eon Kris, Wave Pusher

Erouce, flamee45, 32 bamboe, GonzoUK.

LeoJayT, superior scolly, Castеry, sevenjoshh

Wraxx., Huty., S1dney., Minny .

ATL DEVIL, Wave Raptey, Wave Pablo, Wave leonflares

32 STR Riki, QLASH Foitte, QLASH Zid, QLASH CrimiKevin

DollarC, GL Snadr, alek marketable, کیاوش

hamza jonizo, scout xo, V Enc Apoxyl.37, Zeston.

give expect rng, UsingVinko, Twitch Vortexers, ntks

Gambit Melside., Gambit Mawakha, Mayhemᅠ, Azze-

M10 Legxndz, Wave Mаеstго, Wave Styler, M10 Floriixn

NébiI, Wavy SWAZN, Rexoo, dukeyyyyyyyyyyyy

churaq teārdrop, E11 chapix, marteeneu ., Grizzlyeu.

9INE FlyZAK_, Shaykoz., Tywaaz サン, Mugi TV

beGenius Tonyy, Jeadzer, benJyyyy2k, Exceptis Kiman

In heat two, we have one of the better teams across all four qualifying weeks of the FNCS with RBK Ritz, chapix 74, LG beehive and TSM Crue. This team is responsible for one of the most outstanding final session performances in all of the Fortnite Champion Series. In week two, they amassed an impressive one-hundred and thirty-two points to take first place. Ritz and his team finished a whopping sixty-four points ahead of second. Keep an eye on this squad as they are likely to turn heads at the Chapter 2 Season 1 Final.

Heat Three

kingkubx531, dMIND.Rakso, dMIND.3vil, dMIND.teeq

Sigma SvendPro, mikkelreb0rn, Ngeeguden, Σ ndyguden

Jordberry., Zrool., Miloboyer, Poizon62162

iTHR PyKo, iTHR sweet, iTHR Nova, iTHR Gentuu

Vitаlity Adz, OTW Craky, Sy Antorak, MCES Marcote

MSF Osmo, MSF Kylix, MSF Ares, LG Khuna

eKon Pezde2, srn fsi, Xypher Barqos, Xypher Cookie

ProximaStar, VP 7ssk7, WіngS, Fury Legendary

32 FaZe Mongraal, Wolfiez ک, NRG benjуfishу, NAYTE ک

Solary Hunter, MCES Orkh, MCES PodaSaï, MCES SqualzK

Wave Luuu, NUGGISONj, Wave coffeh, ᴛᴀʏꜱᴏɴ

Rivage Scorteck, G Masta, skrib95, Kazunaaa 22

Zіno, E11 itemm, Solary Kinstaar, nyhrоx

220quickdead, FaZe Vorwenn, FaZe Martoz, Heretιcs Belvιd

Stride Vara, SRN Rass, Rasmusnie, ShadowTwist.

Vëtlë, Dоkkо, Arcоn, NеmZ

myztro Whai, E11 Crippa, Lil Timmy l2, Tchub_

Wulfeе, h1kkY ., MIRWANA ., KоngTV

mevz, Rysix FlowiS, Severinxd, myztro Tj

stormtrooper0452, e T q, darthvader412, getgriefednoob

Superior Shakа, Gemz_, 9INE JulianCoM, KіngRichаrd

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32 vortex, Cemо, Ömеr, еnsаr

Perikle XVIII, Joey Jenner, Wave PeaK, SRN Louis

broken u.u, LeDeNiisS, DiеgoGB, TQ Naranj1t0

Rysix Ginge, M10 a1ms0nz, Bloоdx, Pure Fray

The powerhouse team of FaZe Mongraal, NRG benjyfishy, Nayte and Wolfiez are the front-runners in heat three. After some brief roster struggles, Mongraal and benjyfishy have finally located two complementary pieces to their unbelievable skills. This squad is on a tear, having won several European Fortnite squad tournaments. Mongraal, benjyfishy, Nayte and Wolfiez could very well be the team to beat in this region.

Heat three also includes names like FaZe Vorwenn, E11 itemm and MSF Omso. These players and their team have seen success through the first four weeks of the FNCS and are heavily favored to make it out of heat three.

Heat Four

Papada Hell, Papada SileenzZ, Papada MateoZ, Papada Byk

asp szhy, asp stasiowyy, asp ever, asp vapxrz

Xypher Zen, 4E Trax, Rysix r8teful, Rysix Thimo

E11 Boyer, elokratz, E11 Klusia, Th0masHD

VP JAMSIDE, Gambit.fwexY, Gambit.letw1k3, Secret_Domentos

G2 Tohaj, hREDS BELAEU, NRG MrSavageM, Atlantis Kaxie

Loru77, Anxios., Steptr, iRezUmi.

Blaaanisse, Sindre-, Dr1ven., avrgbtw

quick DETTTT, Der dicke Michi., E11 ASTX8BESTPL, COOLER aqua

LeΧii, ogv tomper, Dagur., OGV Yatzy

Μаgnus, Nebbу, Wave JannisZ, superior jаson

Wаm, lilpepе, Kомi, Timaay.

Caspersa, BL Аnas, IboooHai, Zh1ny

NW Safik, ks1light, 7tor., Stride oldyz.

GL Darkorino, Mashuzz, dr3pa2hard, E и v Y

Kiryache32, Stormyrite, Sibеria, Рutrick

raifla, Nikkeva, Tickeling, RBK LeftEye

DV1 Hoopek, IB Arokiz, J4chu., DV1 Shikuni

KOVA Flowdi, SliX -, KOVA Aistimus, Viallinen

Juzry, 32 BL Hen, Flуx, 15248234

VGIA xPlash, JrgeQ, Serenexo, VGIA Tedi

Harveγ, eKon Jamieef, YHBOI69696969, SurprisΕ

Fisherman cvrby, Hood Lucy, M10 zwetschkE, Fisherman Noqzy

advise_FN, DV1 luKi, DV1 Smiley, DV1 аrtor

OTW hoppY, Snayzyy, ketzoи, MCES xsweeze

Heat four concludes the first round in the Fortnite Champion Series for the Euros. We’ve seen several of these squads pop up over the last four weeks and are looking to continue their momentum here. Teams led by NRG MrSavageM, COOLER aqua, Secret Domentos and E11 Klusia are all in consideration for the best. The final heat might be the toughest from top to bottom. It will be interesting to see which of these stacked rosters fails to make it to the last session.

Stay tuned to ESTNN for further heat announcements and coverage of the upcoming DreamHack Winter event.

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