ESTNN Fortnite Top 55 Stock Report

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ESTNN Fortnite Top 55 Stock Report

Secret Skirmish Recap

In this week's rankings update, I have added the data from both the solo and duo events at the Secret Skirmish. The tournament was a great event, and in-depth recaps of both the solos and duos tournaments can be found here & here.

The skirmish featured most of the premier competitive Fortnite players in North America, including all of the top 15 ranked players on our rankings and 29 of our ranked players total. For the first time at a major Fortnite tournament, the duo pairs were randomized. This forced players out of their comfort zone by taking longtime partners and splitting them apart.

This was an interesting idea by Epic, as it seemingly balanced the competition, taking the power of always having a great teammate away from many of the premier competitive players. As of last week, I began measuring how strong each player's average duos partner has been. It turns out that Funk bomb has had the best average partner throughout the past events, as he has only ever competed with Nate Hill, who ranks ninth in today's update. SirDimetrious, a player for 100 Thieves, has had the worst average partner. He ranks forty-ninth.

The addition of two more tournaments provided us with more usable data as more players were able to reach our minimum cutoff of having played at least 8 tournaments. Instead of 55 players, there are now 75+ players who have participated in 8 events, giving us a greater player pool to draw from. The two added tournaments gave me the ability to choose the top 55 players from the pool of 75, giving me a much more accurate list of rankings.

As a result of the extra players in the player pool, there are 14 new players on this weeks list. Headlining those new players are Blind and Thwifo, who placed 12th and 13th on this weeks list. Both Blind and Thwifo are well-known players within the competitive community and have now played in enough major tournaments to qualify for my rankings.


The Secret Skirmish shifted the ranks more than I anticipated, with only four players staying in the same position as they were in before the skirmish. Below, I look at the three best and worst performances at the Secret Skirmish based on our newest metric, “Change in Veloscore.” This metric does precisely what it sounds like it does, taking the VeLoscore of all the players in my database from before the skirmish and subtracting it from their new VeLoScore. The resulting change measures how well each player did in the Secret Skirmish.

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Ghost Saf – Saf had the best play of the weekend with 6 kills in quick succession to clinch first place in the duos event. Saf was out of materials and was able to sneak behind two players and shotgun them in the back of the head, showing how playing slow and on the storm, edge is the best strategy when a player is out of materials.

Saf is a member of Ghost Clan and ranks 2nd on their team in VeLoScore behind Bizzle. He has played in 11 major tournaments and usually is paired up with fellow Ghost member Ghoul in competitive duos events.

Along with dominating the duos event, Saf finished second in the solos event, giving him the best performance of the weekend by far. He moves up 4 places this week into fifth place, gaining a tournament-high 14.55 VeloScore.

Ghost Bizzle – The winner of the solos event on Friday afternoon, Bizzle showed the competitive Fortnite world why he is better than 72hrs and deserves to jump him altogether in this week's rankings. With a solid fourth-place finish in the duos bracket to go along with his dominance in the solos, Ghost Bizzle earned 13.80 VeLoScore and the top spot in this week's rankings.

Bizzle, a player, repeatedly praised by KittyPlays and other commentators for his incredible positioning and strategy, was paired with controller player TriggySoars, who had only participated in the Winter Royale before the Secret Skirmish. The two capitalized on a strong game 2 of the duos event, securing a win with ten eliminations, one of the best matches for any pair on the day.

FaZe Tfue – Not surprisingly, Faze Tfue was one of the top performers at the Secret Skirmish. He was paired with Ghost Dmo, who ranks five spots better than his usual partner FaZe Cloak. The two wasted no time, winning the first game of the duos event with a combined 9 kills between them.

Tfue placed seventh in the solos event but had surprisingly quiet six games. He won no games and was often dead before the final circle began closing. Tfue was having a great game 3, but as quickly as Zeke could praise him for being in great position, he was hit with a heavy sniper shot and then spammed with the grenade launcher, eventually falling to his death.

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Ghost Aydan – While his teammates Saf and Bizzle were the two best performers at the Secret Skirmish, Ghost Aydan was the worst. Ghost Aydan has become a staple of early action at Tilted Towers throughout his time as a professional Fortnite player, often pairing duo with NickMercs, another console player who loves dropping Tilted.

This week, Aydan was paired up with Butter, an IT technician who impressed the commentators with his skills so much that he earned a spot in both the solo and duo events. While it was a great story, the two were outmatched all day as the two lacked the communication skills needed to succeed as duo partners.

The poor momentum carried with Ghost Aydan as the day went on. He finished 64th in the solos competition after placing next to last in the duos event. Because of his poor performance, Aydan lost 9.15 VeLoScore, dropping him 22 spots from 21st to 43rd.

Ghost Sean – Another Ghost teammate, Ghost Sean, placed just as poorly as Aydan at the Secret Skirmish, finishing 47th in the duos event and 63rd in the solos. He ended the day with a net change in VeLoScore of -8.70.

While Sean did not perform well at the Secret Skirmish, simply participating in the events allowed him to qualify for this weeks list after being left out last week. He comes in at 41st, two spots above his Ghost teammate Aydan.

Ghost Snood – Another member of the Ghost team, Snood finished with the third-worst change in VeLoScore (-7.50) after this weeks event. He finished 77th in the solos event which was sixth-worst among players on my list who participated in the event.

In the duos competition, he was paired up with Aspect; a great player ranked 17th on this weeks list. The two had a few eliminations but never scored a point in the competition. The duo was unable to string 3 kills together in a single game despite this quick-scope by Aspect to start game 5.

The full list and most recent update of the ESTNN Fortnite Top 55 can be found here and below:

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