ESTNN Fortnite Rankings: February 10, 2019

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ESTNN Fortnite Rankings: February 10, 2019

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For the second week of the ESTNN Fortnite Top 55, I have made two adjustments to the rankings and format of the page. The first was to re-weight the tournaments, as many of you felt that the content creator skirmish weeks and winter royale should carry less weight than the other tournaments. This was relatively easy, and the new rankings are adjusted accordingly.

The second change made to the rankings page was to add a new column entitled, “Average Teammate Rank”. This metric measures how good your teammates have been, on average, throughout each player’s tournaments.

While the metric has not found its way into the calculation of Veloscore, it can be used to determine some players that may be over/under ranked based on only their Veloscore. A player with a low Average Partner Score (Zexrow, for example) has a player with significantly worse duos partners than someone with a high Average Partner Score (like Cloak).

This is a big week in the world of competitive Fortnite, as the first tournament of the year is taking place on February, 14-15. The “Secret Skirmish” is to be held in an “undisclosed location” on Valentine's day this year. The tournament is confirmed to have a $500,000 player pool and star players such as Tfue, 72hrs, and Poach have already announced that they will play in the event.

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Make sure to check back often to ESTNN for updates on the Secret Skirmish and to see how the rankings adjust with the results of the tournament!

Note: Rankings are best viewed horizontally on mobile and on this page here.

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