ESTNN Daily: Esports News Recap 2/25

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ESTNN Daily: Esports News Recap 2/25

Welcome to the ESTNN Daily for February 25th. We've got a lot to catch up on from the weekend news! Let's jump right into our daily esports news recap.

League of Legends News

Faker LoL Esports

Riot announced the ticket sale date for the LCS Spring Split Finals in St. Louis. Riot will begin selling the tickets on March 5th through Ticketmaster. There will be three tiers of tickets available for purchase, ranging from $74 to $30 dollars depending on where you want to sit. You can also buy them directly from the Chaifetz Box Office and save yourself the Ticketmaster Fees.

In kind of League news, SKT Faker finally has a twitter account, found at @Faker. He celebrated by posting this tweet. Now we just have to pray that he uses it. After all, who doesn’t want a look behind the scenes of the greatest mid-laner of all time?

DOTA 2 News

MDL Macau Dota 2

Both the MDL Macau and IEM Katowice DOTA 2 tournaments wrapped up this weekend, with Team Secret taking home the trophy in Poland and Team Liquid taking home the win in Macau. Team Secret won 16 maps in a row, sweeping Gambit in a best of three on Sunday.

For their part, Team Liquid went 5-2 in the group stage, and won their grand final 2-0 against Renegades.

Auto Chess continues to sweep the DOTA 2 world, and today the developers released a patch for the popular mod. Three new heroes, Riki, Mirana, and Death Prophet have been added to the pool, and the developers pushed an entire host of changes. You can check out all of them, plus some general tips for autochess in our feature at ESTNN.

Overwatch News

In Overwatch News, fans might finally be getting tired of the GOATS meta that has reigned supreme over the past few months. During the NYXL Houston Outlaws match, the fans actively boo’d a switch from a DPS-centric composition to GOATS. The GOATS compostition features three tanks and three supports. Although the casters tried to make the best of it, it's clear that fans are really tired of two brick walls smashing into each other over and over and over and over again.

On the new hero front, fans seem to have uncovered some hidden voice lines in OW’s latest Paris update. The lines are for an Omnic singer, and most reference heroes that are already in the game. Some, however, cryptically refer to cats, climbing walls, and something watching. Players have already discovered an empty hidden room, above which someone has written “We are watching you.” Does this have something to do with Overwatch’s 30th hero? Let us know what you think in the comments.


katowice Cropped

IEM Katowice has its new Legends, and they will compete this week for the Grand Final and the title of Major Champion. Renegades, ENCE, Team Liquid, FaZe, Astralis, NiP, MiBR, and Na’vi have all made it through to the top eight of the Major. The Final Stage kicks off on Thursday the 28th, with Na’Vi vs. FaZe and Team Liquid vs. ENCE.

In other CSGO news, NRG is expected to sign Tarik “Tarik” Celek to replace current rifler “Fugly” on the lineup. People expected NRG to make it to the top eight, but the team bombed out of the Major in the Challenger Stage 0-3. Additionally, Team Envy is expected to make a real push to sign Finn “karrigan” Anderson to their CSGO lineup after he stood in for them for several weeks.

Fortnite News

The Fortnite Season 8 teaser dropped, and its hinting at a Pirate theme. The season kicks off this Thursday, the 28th. Prior to its release, Epic has been teasing pirates in both of its teaser drops. One mentions “X marks the spot”, and the second makes an ominous reference to someone who “arrives on the waves.” We’ll just have to stay tuned to see exactly what Epic has in store for Fortnite Season 8.


That’s all for the ESTNN Brief for Tuesday, February 25th. Make sure to head on over to to catch up on all of the latest news! Check back here tomorrow for another daily esports news recap on The Brief!

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