Esports Orgs Worldwide Pledge Ukraine Support Amid Russian Attack

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Esports Orgs Worldwide Pledge Ukraine Support Amid Russian Attack

Esports organizations worldwide stand united with Ukraine following the sudden Russian invasion that materialized on February 23.

It’s been an unimaginable 24 hours for residents of Ukraine. Russian President Vladimir Putin orchestrated missile strikes and a subsequent invasion, prompting the country’s population to take cover. 

Much of the world stands alongside the country amid the ongoing war, including the competitive gaming and esports scene. Countless organizations and players flooded social media with support for Ukraine and its citizens. 

Esports Organizations Show Support for the Ukraine

The list of esports brands that rallied behind Ukraine is genuinely remarkable. FaZe Clan was merely one of many that took to Twitter with a statement of support:

“We stand for peace. We stand with Ukraine. Our thoughts are with the innocent people & families affected by today's attacks.”

The California-based organization also followed a popular trend, changing its profile picture to reflect the yellow and blue colors of Ukraine. G2 Esports, Astralis, OpTic Gaming, 100 Thieves and many more rallied behind Ukraine, given the unimaginable circumstances. 

Ukrainian Org NAVI & WePlay Releases Statement 

Ukrainian esports organization Natus Vincere, known as NAVI, released a statement following the Russian invasion:

“Russia attacked Ukraine. And now there are hostilities that take human lives and destroy actual destinies on the territory of our country. It is impossible that during this war we pretend that everything is in okay. It is no. We are devastated. Our main goal right now is to try to stay calm and take care of ourselves, our loved ones and those who need help. We are all together in this. And together we’ll get through it.”

WePlay, an esports tournament organizer based out of Ukraine, released a formal comment regarding the country’s war with Russia:

“In the early morning of Thursday 24th February, a crime was committed against our country. At this point in time we are keeping calm and taking care of each other and our loved ones.”

S1mple Speaks Out

Ukrainian CS:GO player and NAVI representative — Oleksandr “s1mple” Olegovich Kostyliev — communicated his thoughts via Twitter following Russia’s attack. He reported the shelling of his hometown before speaking further on the matter. 

“I cry thinking about my family and friends in Kyiv. I’m ‘lucky’ that I’m not at home, but you can’t even imagine how much I want to be there. Tomorrow I want to think about IEM Katowice and only. We don't need regrets, We need support, thank you everyone who cares.”

The 24-year-old recently won a Major Championship under NAVI and is currently in Poland preparing for IEM Katowice. 

Pro Fortnite Players Report from Ukraine

Former Fortnite Champion Series (FNCS) winner Nikita “Stormyrite” Kulak tweeted horrifying updates from Ukraine during Russia’s attack. He and his family are currently within Kyiv’s city limits awaiting transportation to Poland. Others have reported similar accounts of what’s happening in Ukraine. It isn’t easy to imagine what the country’s citizens are going through. 

Anyone looking to contribute should visit this link. It’s a verified locally based charitable source to help Ukraine through this incredibly frightening situation. 

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