A Escape From Tarkov Wipe 2023 Is Coming + New Updates

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A Escape From Tarkov Wipe 2023 Is Coming + New Updates

When's the next Tarkov Wipe? Soon, sooner than you might expect. Here is everything important we've learned from the recent episode of TarkovTV.

The most recent episode of TarkovTV just wrapped and we've got a bunch of new info on the upcoming Escape from Tarkov by our benevolent overlord Nikita. Everything from upcoming content, events, Tarkov Arena, appearances at Gamescom, and most importantly a timeframe for the next wipe.

When is the next Tarkov Wipe?

Tarkov Wipe


No, seriously the upcoming wipe is scheduled for August of 2023 with no exact date given. It will however be part of the upcoming content patch and wipe all player progress. All player progress? Not quite. You can participate in Escape from Tarkov Rating Event which is now live until the end of the wipe.

Players who've been ranked will earn 2 more rows to their Stash permanently. This means that extra room in your Stash will be tied to your account until the end of time. Or until they decide to remove it.

Tarkov Arena When?

Tarkov Arena

The highly anticipated competitive spinoff game Tarkov Arena is also still in the works. When will it be out? When can you get your hands on it? Well, you'll need to wait a little longer for that. Nikita kept repeating on Tarkov TV that the mode would be made available to the public soon. And teased that it would be playable if they make it to Gamescom next month.

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As a little reminder, Tarkov Arena is the upcoming PvP competitive mode by Battlestate Games. It will have some crossover with Escape from Tarkov, but exists standalone and is developed by a separate team at Battlestate Games. Similar to the game's previous iteration “Contract Wars” but part of the Tarkov universe.

Escape from Tarkov Roadmap 2023

Escape from Tarkov Roadmap 2023

We also got a preliminary roadmap for the near future of Escape from Tarkov, continuing the recent effort to make development more transparent for players. Nikita also mentioned that the recent technical updates are just the start of a slew of overhauls and optimization efforts.

But first let's get into all the content planned for the August/Wipe patch:

  • Loadout presets
  • Randomized loot container spawns
  • The ability to select a body part to heal with a hotkey
  • Toggleble helmet lights
  • Selling Scav Player equipment to Fence
  • Sidearm quick-swap
  • New trading UI
  • Quality of Life features
  • Second Streets of Tarkov expansion
  • New equipment and armor
    • New weapon mods
    • New weapons
      • PKM, SVT, AVT, AK-12, Sawed-off, PM
  • New Boss “Kaban”
  • Weaponstand in the Hideout
  • Quest overhaul
  • Optimization
    • Glass shader
    • Light source processing
  • Various technical and functional adjustments
  • AI behavior improvements

And then there are all the updates planned for and until the next wipe in December/January:

  • Preset magazine ammo loading
  • Recoil rework
  • Armor customization and reworked armor hitboxes
  • Vaulting
  • Blind fire (one-handed, two-handed)
  • Weapon bipods and mounting
  • BTR on Streets of Tarkov
  • Lightkeeper services
  • Third Streets of Tarkov expansion
  • Left shoulder shooting
  • New weapons
    • RPD, SCAR GI, SIG Spear, 9A91, VSK-94
  • New Boss
  • Achievements
  • Balancing changes to mechanics of armor, movement, and damage
  • Leveling, skill, and weapon mastery rebalance
  • Slight reticle brightness adjustments
  • Various technical and functional adjustments
  • Further AI behavior improvements
  • Port to Unity 2021
  • New Matchmaker
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And last but not least, the updates you can expect way further down the line. For an exact timeline please refer to the graphic above.

  • New Location (Terminal, Suburbs, or Town)
  • Further Client performance optimization (expect this to be an ongoing process)
  • Various Improvements to the Launcher, backend, and anti-cheat (also ongoing)

And that wraps up everything we know about the future of Escape from Tarkov. Keep an eye on Battlestate Games' social media, since the month leading up to the big wipe will usually feature events that will turn the game's current state on its head.

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A Escape From Tarkov Wipe 2023 Is Coming + New Updates
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