Epic Games Reveals Plans For $10 Million Fortnite Esports Event

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Epic Games Reveals Plans For $10 Million Fortnite Esports Event

Epic Games have announced their plans for the Fortnite Fall Skirmish esports event. The Fall Skirmish will take place over 6 weeks, with the finale taking place at TwitchCon from October 26-28. The prize pool is much larger than the Summer Skirmish fortnite tournament ($1.5 million).

During the Summer Skirmish there were over 500 players who took home cash prizes. Epic Games claims that the Fall Skirmish will have even more players taking home cash prizes. They also mentioned that their are new game formats that are being tested.

Registration will begin closer to the TwitchCon event. Stay tuned for more info on that.

Showdown Royale will start in October and will be yet another way for fortnite players to win prizes.

Epic games is keeping things interesting and continues to throw around some of their now $10 billion in value.

Source: Epic Games

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