Epic Games Partners With Faculty Of Philosophy From Moscow State University

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Epic Games Partners With Faculty Of Philosophy From Moscow State University

An interesting partnership is developing in the gaming/esports world.

Epic Games has signed a long-term agreement with the Faculty of Philosophy of Moscow State University. Both sides will work together in three directions: scientific, educational, and business.

Licensing Manager of Epic Games Alexey Savchenko explained and has provided detailed information about the partnership for app2top.ru.

“The key to solving the high-level problems that still face the young industry is precisely the philosophical school of thought, as well as cultural studies, anthropology, and disciplines that study the problems of artificial intelligence.”

The Faculty of Philosophy of Moscow State University (MSU) and Epic Games will work on implementing methodologies and programs that could provide more opportunities for developers in Russia.

MSU will help developers with intellectual property rights, patent registration, access to state-owned intellectual property, and state information distribution system.

Also, the university and Epic Games plan to launch additional educational programs and specializations for students, as well as use the Unreal Engine in various fields. Epic Games will participate in various activities of the University.

If we talk about scientific activities, two projects are already formed and in the works. Three more will pass the preparatory stage until the end of 2020.

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