September 11, 2018
| 2 weeks ago

Epic Games Announces $10 Million Fortnite Esports Tournament

Epic games recently shared some good news with us via Twitter: “The weather may be cooling down, but the battle is heating up. Fall Skirmish starts soon, with $10,000,000 awarded across 6 weeks. Stay tuned for major details dropping later this week!”

Epic Games began their $100 million Fortnite esports tournament season with the Summer Skirmish. They awarded over $8 million in that tournament. The upcoming Fall Skirmish will award $10 million. There may be a $50-60 million season finale in the making.

It is unclear what format will be used, however the likely format will be kills + survival time. This was the format used for the most recent Fortnite esports tournament, the Summer Skirmish. More details will be available shortly.

Source: Fortnite Twitter

Alex Mcalpine | Esports Writer

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