Enshrouded The Queen’s Tomb Quest: How to Complete it

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Enshrouded The Queen’s Tomb Quest: How to Complete it

In Enshrouded, you will be called to take part in many different types of missions (such as those related to the Farmer) that you will need to continue in the game. The Enshrouded The Queen's Tomb quest, in this case, is a mission that is entrusted to you by the Carpenter. As you can guess from the name, you will have to discover and explore a tomb, so get ready to solve puzzles and find hidden treasures. In this article, we will give you a complete guide to everything you need to know about this mission.

How to Complete the Enshrouded The Queen's Tomb Quest

In case you were following all the missions assigned to you in chronological order, after completing the one involving the Alchemist, you will find yourself right next to the tomb in question. Otherwise, if you have decided to explore other areas before proceeding with completing the missions, you will first have to go to the specific location. So, first head to the Hill of Scavangers, following the road that goes south, starting from the Ancient Vault – Farmer, and then go east when it splits.

Where to Find the Queen's Catacombs

Once you are in that area, in order to reach the tomb, you will have to follow the road that goes north-east from the Hill of Scavangers. As soon as you find yourself at a fork in the road, take the road west to find yourself right near the entrance to the tomb. Obviously, the entrance to the tomb won't be wide open, so you'll have to open it using a lockpick (bring several with you because you'll need them).

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Once you open the door and are inside, you will be able to see two plates: one on the right and one on the left. Interact with one of them (they have the same things engraved on them, so it is enough to read just one) to be able to read what is written on them. As often happens in these cases, you will find a riddle engraved that will explain how to enter the closed room located at the end of the tomb.

Enter the Locked Room

Now, what you will have to do is find a way to unlock the door and enter inside to collect the loot and complete the Enshrouded The Queen's Tomb quest. But there are some steps to follow. First of all, you will notice that the door at the end of the first corridor is blocked with four padlocks; therefore, you will have to find all four in order to unlock the door and enter inside. But before doing this, we advise you to kill the enemies that are present, so that you don't have to worry about them.

Enshrouded The Queen's Tomb
Credits: IGN

Lock #1

In order to reach the first lock, you will have to go to the left part of the room (A). You simply have to cross the bridge and then turn left. At the end of the path, you will find a locked room. Open it using your lockpick and enter the next room. On your left, you can find a grate that you can use to climb onto a platform. Do this and turn right. Here, you will see the first lock in the distance. Use the grappling hook to swing and get to the next platform to press the button.

Lock #2

To find the second lock, you have to go back (B). If you position yourself towards the north, you will immediately see the lock in the distance. Simply use a ranged weapon to shoot it and deactivate it. Now you are ready to head towards the third lock.

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Lock #3

Once you deactivate the previous lock, walk towards it and turn left towards the ruined hallway. While walking, pay attention to a space on the right of the wall, as you will have to slip in there to reach the third lock. Once this is done, use the grappling hook to go to the platform above you. As soon as you see an explosive barrel, blow it up to open a passage that you will have to cross. On the other side, in fact, is where there is a ladder that you will have to use to get to the room where the third lock is located, right next to the side of a pillar.

Lock #4

To reach the fourth and final lock, you will have to return to the initial position (the crossroads between the various directions) and position yourself on the platform on the right (C). At this point, swing using the grappling hook and reach the platform on the opposite side. Now, you will have to take the stairs and get to a platform near the ceiling. Here you will see the fourth and final lock. Again, use a ranged weapon to shoot it and deactivate it.

Now that you have finally deactivated all four locks, you can return to the central room and go in the direction of the locked door. You will no longer have anything to stop you from entering it, so you can do so and collect Pikemead's Bulwark, which is an excellent shield that will surely be useful to you during your adventure in the game. This way, you have completed the Enshrouded The Queen's Tomb quest.

Enshrouded The Queen's Tomb
Credits: IGN
Enshrouded The Queen’s Tomb Quest: How to Complete it
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