How to Find the Enshrouded Farmer Fireplace

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How to Find the Enshrouded Farmer Fireplace

Where is the Enshrouded Farmer Fireplace located? In Enshrouded, you will have the opportunity to complete various missions during your adventure. These missions are all connected to each other, so in order to continue, you will first have to complete the previous mission. In this article, we will tell you how to find the Enshrouded Farmer Fireplace so that you can complete this mission.

How to Complete the Enshrouded Farmer Fireplace Quest

In order to complete this mission, it will not be enough to build a fireplace; you will have to complete a mission called “Fireplace for the Farmer.” It will be available once you have completed a long mission called “Reach the Capital, Pikemead's Reach.” Furthermore, in order to be able to complete this mission, you will first have to build a Forge for the Blacksmith (which you will do automatically if you take part in his missions).

But what in detail does this mission ask you to do? Let's see together. If you read what is written in the Journal, you will realize that the Farmer will ask you to take his Kettle from someone named Raul who is in Pikemead's Reach (a town that you can find in the northern part of the map). So, once you reach Flame Sanctum in Pikemead's Reach, you will find a book called Veiled in Holy Light right on Raul's grave; near this book, you will find the recipe for the Kettle.

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Now, all you have to do is return to your base in Enshrouded (where the Farmer is) and build the Kettle he wants. By doing so, you will be able to complete the mission. Completing this mission is not complicated in itself; the thing that is causing problems for some players is that it is connected to a multitude of different missions and therefore this is creating a bit of confusion.

What we can tell you is that the mission, at least at the moment, is not buggy and therefore it is possible to complete it. You just have to be careful to be able to trigger all the requirements you need; otherwise, you won't be able to complete it. Remember to build a Forge at the Blacksmith and complete all survivor quests for the Carpenter and the Blacksmith. Also, remember that building a simple Fireplace will be useless; you will have to build the one whose recipe you will recover in Flame Sanctum.

Enshrouded Farmer Fireplace

How to Find the Enshrouded Farmer Fireplace
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