Enshrouded Roadmap: Everything You Need to Know

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Enshrouded Roadmap: Everything You Need to Know

Enshrouded has recently been released on the market in Early Access and many have started wondering what the developers' future plans are or what the Enshrouded roadmap is. In any game, it is interesting to know what its roadmap is to be able to understand what and when to expect it to be added by the development team, but when we talk about games in Early Access, it becomes even more important. In this way, in fact, we are able to understand what plan the developers have in mind for their game.

What's the Enshrouded Roadmap?

For the moment, the developers have not yet announced an Enshrouded roadmap. With a place on Steam, in fact, the development team itself has stated that at the moment they are busy solving the various problems that affect the game (we have listed them all for you in this article) and that they are therefore using all their resources in this sense. However, they also said that the Enshrouded roadmap should be ready and published in about 2–3 weeks, so we don't have to wait much longer before we know what the future plans for Enshrouded are.

As for what we can expect, there is no information or rumors that we can report. Given our experience playing the game, we can say that it is very likely that one of the first additional features could be to expand the map. Or, the team could opt to add new content from the point of view of construction, resources, and tools that can be created. Obviously, as soon as we have certain news on the matter, we will soon inform you so we can keep you updated.

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At the moment, we know that the developers are working internally on a roadmap and that, therefore, there is no news on the possible stages, contents, and dates regarding the life process of Enshrouded. This is what was stated:

“Hey there, we're working on our roadmap internally. We're curious to see what features and improvements people are interested in (see https://enshrouded.featureupvote.com/), and of course we want to ensure we take care of all major issues (crashes and consorts) before we move onto the topic of what's coming next. We're hoping to have more info, and perhaps even the roadmap itself, within two weeks of release! It'll be posted in the game's news when it's ready.”

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Enshrouded Roadmap: Everything You Need to Know
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