Enshrouded Map Size: Everything You Need to Know

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Enshrouded Map Size: Everything You Need to Know

Enshrouded is a game where survival is the key to proceeding on your adventure. You will start at a specific point on the map and then be able to explore it further and further. But what is the Enshrouded map size? Usually, in this type of game, the maps to explore are vast and have many things that can be discovered within them and it seems that Enshrouded is no exception.

What is the Enshrouded Map Size?

At the moment, unfortunately, we still have no certain information on this matter. The game was released today in Early Access and we still don't actually know how big the map is. Also, another thing to consider is that the game, being in Early Access, has not yet been fully developed, so many things will be added along the way. We don't know if these are new regions, but it's very likely. For these reasons, giving a precise answer to this question is not at all simple.

We can tell you, however, that for the moment, the map still seems to be large, even if we couldn't make a precise comparison. Many users on the web, for example, have described the map as “huge,” although we don't know if this is actually the case. In any case, there is already the first important information that we can give you about the Enshrouded map, especially regarding points of interest.

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Enshrouded map size

Enshrouded Biomes

The map we currently have available, according to the developers, is more or less a third of what we will have once the game has concluded its development process. For the moment, we have found different biomes that have different characteristics from each other and that do not differ much from those you can find in other games of the genre. In this case, four different biomes have been identified, which we will describe below.

Springalands and Low Meadows

This is the area from which you will begin your adventure. It is a hilly area where the enemies are not very strong and you will be able to find all the basic resources you will need to advance in your adventure. This region will serve as a sort of tutorial for you to learn the game mechanics and how to face certain challenges.


Not all regions in Enshrouded are as peaceful as the one where you begin your adventure. In fact, not very far from it, there is Ravelwood, which is a forest inhabited by poisonous creatures and where you will start to find rarer resources. However, if you are able to explore this area far and wide, you will have great satisfaction.

Normal Highlands

This area is very similar to a savannah, so expect drier terrain than what you've seen in other regions. The creatures that inhabit this place are very dangerous, but you will also be able to find valuable treasures that will surely be useful to you during your adventure.

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This region is practically a desert where there are few resources and those that are there are not very easy to find. However, you will need them to upgrade your tools and buildings, so you should definitely take a trip around this desert. However, be careful of the creatures that populate it because they are very dangerous and can catch you off guard.

Enshrouded map size

Enshrouded Map Size: Everything You Need to Know
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