Enshrouded Weapons Types, Strengths, Weaknesses Explained

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Enshrouded Weapons Types, Strengths, Weaknesses Explained

What weapons will you have at your disposal in your quest to beat the Shroud? Here is everything you need to know about Enshrouded weapons

Enshrouded introduces a vast range of weapons designed for diverse combat styles, each playing a pivotal role in overcoming the game's hurdles. Understanding the functionality and appropriateness of each weapon type in specific situations is a key ingredient to the recipe for success in the game. Should you whisper death from afar with a bow and arrow or draw out the sword to take on adversaries? Learn to make the most of your arsenal by reading our comprehensive Enshrouded weapons guide.

All Enshrouded Weapon Types Explained

Enshrouded Weapons Types, Strengths, Weaknesses Explained

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We will explore the diverse weapon types in Enshrouded and analyze their strengths and weaknesses so that you can decide what weapon choices would complement your style of play and class. Before heading out on the vast landscapes of Embervale, therefore, make sure to run your eyes through this guide.

Enshrouded Melee Weapons

Enshrouded offers a variety of close-quarters combat melee weapons. The diverse range of weapons allows players to choose between a nimble approach with daggers or a powerful two-handed mace capable of crushing any foe.


Pros: Balanced, Best for swift combat

Cons: Require a high level of skill, Less damaging than two-handed weapons

Seeking a balanced combat style? Swords could be an excellent option, then. These elegant weapons reward skilled warriors with a potent blend of speed and lethality. Though not as devastating as two-handers, longswords, broadswords, and rapiers specialize in human combat, allowing you to outmaneuver and outplay your opponents with surgical precision.

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Pros: Inflicts heavy damage, Can pierce armor

Cons: Slow

Crafted for dealing with heavily armored foes, these potent weapons, although slower than swords, should not be underestimated in terms of the damage they can inflict. Standard axes demand close proximity during combat, while Battle Axes and Pole Axes add range to the destruction.


Pros: Deals heavy damage

Con: Require incredible strength, slow

Clubs, such as maces, war hammers, and flails, fall into the category of blunt Enshrouded weapons. Primarily used for bashing enemies, these weapons do not demand advanced skill for effective wielding. They celebrate the sheer raw power of swings! Despite not requiring significant skill for wielding, they can unleash considerable carnage on unsuspecting foes.

Enshrouded Range Weapons

Ranged weapons let you unleash fury from a safe distance. Let’s find out which Enshrouded weapons are available under this category.


Pros: Stealthy attack, Diverse damage range

Cons: Requires high skill, Slow

You can take out targets located as far as 200 meters away with a bow. Standard arrows pierce with precision, while fire, poison, and explosive options add unique twists to your takedowns. Find a hidden perch, line up your sights, and let the arrow whisper death before enemies even know you're there. The need to reload arrows after each shot places significant constraints on the firing rate, however.


Pros: Fastest ranged attacks, Abundance of ammunition

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Cons: Less damaging than bows

If you need to unleash a barrage of projectiles toward the enemy, slings would be a more fitting choice. No need to think about ammo, as you can fling anything with these. Stones, pebbles, even fruit pits – sling them all. Slings cannot match bows and arrows in damage, but they can prove quite effective against light-armored adversaries.

Enshrouded Magic Weapons

Other than traditional ranged weapons, you can also attack your enemies from a distance with magical weapons. You can cast spells on the enemy by using staves or wands.


Pros: High damage

Cons: Slow

Staves are double-handed weapons that boost your spell power and mana like a sorcerous battery. They are particularly well-suited for spellcasters dependent on extended casting times and area-of-effect spells.


Pros: Faster attacks

Cons: Not suited for area-of-effect and elemental spells

Wands allow you to construct magical attacks faster. Unleash fiery infernos with the Wand of Fireballs, or bend reality to your will with the Wand of Polymorph.

You must satisfy specific level and proficiency requirements to wield these magical weapons effectively. Staves and wands can be potent weapons, but each blast drains their magical reserves. The more advanced these weapons, the longer they will take to replenish their charge.

With the diverse selection of magical weapons in Enshrouded, you can tailor your spellcaster for optimal effectiveness per your preferred playstyle. Experiment, adapt, conquer – that’s the formula to becoming the architect of your own arcane arsenal.

Enshrouded Weapons Types, Strengths, Weaknesses Explained
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