Enshrouded Resin: Everything You Need to Know

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Enshrouded Resin: Everything You Need to Know

What's Enshrouded Resin? Enshrouded gives you the opportunity to find different resources and materials in the game world. Some of them are simple to find, while others, for example, are more difficult. However, in both cases, there are resources that you just can't live without. One of these resources is Enshrouded Resin. This particular type of resource, fortunately for you, is not difficult to find, but it is still important to know how to use it and what the places are where it is easiest to find it in order to make the whole search process as fast as possible.

Where to Find Resin in Enshrouded

As we said, this resource is not difficult to find. All you need to do is cut the trees, especially those with orange, red, or brown leaves, and you will immediately have this resource available in your inventory. Resin, however, as in the real world, is found almost everywhere and on various types of trees; however, the larger the trees, the higher the drop rate of this resource seems. As a result, if you need this resource to craft something in Enshrouded, we recommend targeting large trees with colorful leaves.

As for the locations specifically, there are several areas on the game map where you can go to get some Resin. You can also find it in the starting area of the game, in case you need it right from the start. In the Longkeep area, in fact, there are three trees with orange leaves, which are able to provide you with Resin almost every time you decide to cut them down. Furthermore, as if that wasn't enough, since anything will respawn when you decide to enter the game again, you can repeat this process practically infinitely.

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Enshrouded Resin

However, to not make things boring, there are also other areas you can go to to get Enshrouded Resin. We won't tell you exactly where to go because there are so many areas. You can find trees with orange leaves practically everywhere, especially in the initial area, so you won't have any kind of problem finding this type of resource. All you need to do is explore the game world a bit, perhaps even when you are busy completing other activities, and you will have enough Resin in your inventory.

Enshrouded Resin Recipes

But what is the use of this resource? Why is it so important to have it in your inventory? Resin is a material that is the basis for the creation of many recipes in Enshrouded; consequently, without it, it is practically impossible to advance in the game. Among the various things you can create, there are items related to lighting to make your structures comfortable even when night falls; pieces of armor or entire sets; weapons such as Staffs; and, finally, it is also useful for creating spells. In short, without Resin you can't live in the world of Enshrouded.

Enshrouded Resin: Everything You Need to Know
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