Enshrouded Procedural Generation Explained

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Enshrouded Procedural Generation Explained

Users who had the opportunity to try Enshrouded immediately had questions about the map, including its size and whether it was procedurally generated. In this article, therefore, we will tell you about Enshrouded procedural generation and everything you need to know about map creation so that you no longer have any doubts about it. We will therefore answer the question, “Is Enshrouded procedural generated?”.

Enshrouded Procedural Generation: Is the Map Procedurally Generated?

No, the Enshrouded map is not procedurally generated. The confirmation comes from the developers themselves, who confirmed that the Enshrouded map is a highly detailed pre-build world, so this means that it is not procedurally generated. All players, therefore, will see the same map and face the same dangers. While this may give the game less unpredictability, it definitely benefits the plot and their own that the developers decided to create, such that everything is in a certain place for a reason.

In fact, the developers have confirmed that their aim is to create a narrative game and this would not have been possible if they had used the procedurally generated map. Their desire, in fact, is to distance themselves from other survival productions in which the games change and have a high RNG rate, so as to be able to create something unique.

As for the map itself, we still can't say much about it because in the Early Access version of the game, we don't have the entire map available but only a third of what it will be once the game is fully released. In any case, we can say that, already now, players have the opportunity to explore many different things and encounter different enemies. In addition to the survival part, in which you will have to find resources and build things, there is also a large RPG component that blends perfectly with the map.

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Furthermore, the development team has confirmed that, once the map is available in its entirety, there will be no replayability problems, as players will have at their disposal everything that the team has decided to create. You will be able to explore many different places and encounter creatures that you will not have encountered in other areas of the map. Consequently, we just have to wait for the development team to release a roadmap in which it explains what its plans are for the future.

enshrouded procedural generation

Enshrouded Procedural Generation Explained
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