Enshrouded Patch 2 – All the Changes of the New Enshrouded Update

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Enshrouded Patch 2 – All the Changes of the New Enshrouded Update

While changing less than the previous one, Enshrouded Patch 2 still brought some significant upgrades to Keen Games’ survival RPG.

While other great games kept on releasing, Enshrouded is still going strong. The survival game developed and published by Keen Games currently has around 30.000 concurrent players on Steam. It also received it’s second big Patch, which focused on ironing out issues – after all, the game is still in Early Access.

Let’s look at all the changes of Enshrouded Patch 2.

Enshrouded Patch 2 – All the Changes

Stability and Performance

  • The developers fixed crashes, creating saves as well as performance issues for large players and crop fields. They also made it less CPU consuming to run a server that’s not currently being played on, so the game became more seamless in multiple ways.

Multiplayer and Servers

  • Players should be able to join a server even if they crashed out of the previous session, no need to reset the game or create a new character!

Game World

  • Some areas have been rebalanced, with the roaming enemies scaling better, as well as enemies with different levels than their home area have been fixed.
  • Putting a Flame Altar near a Shroud Root could cause the Shroud to disappear from the entire game world, which has now been removed, so players can’t save Embervale on accident.
  • Some sound issues have been fixed, such as Vultures (which were very loud), combat music turning off and ambient sounds.
  • Save points can’t activate in deadly Shroud, so no more spawning and instantly dying!
  • The traps in Spires are now synched in multiplayer sessions.
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Enshrouded Patch 2


  • Arrows are now easier to craft due to costing less twigs, as well as bushes giving more. Feathers drop numbers have been also increased, which makes ranged builds a bit more viable.
  • Crops work even after restarting the game and rejoining after.
  • The Water Aura ability doesn’t heal after the player dies (sadly).
  • Endgame armors need less Flax to craft, so you can create them faster.
  • Decorative books don’t cost an arm and a leg to craft!
  • Looted weapons now have the correct item level, so you won’t find a level 1 mace in a level 20 dungeon (which is not even level 1).
  • Doors don’t block arrows anymore – except when you shoot at them.

Enshrouded Patch 2

Building and Terraforming

  • Only one change here: the Construction hammer now can’t help you carve the unbreakable bottom layer of the map (sadly).

This patch was much less substantial than Patch 1, focusing on bugfixing rather than adding new things to the game. However, the arrow and armor changes are still a nice addition. We can’t wait to see how far Enshrouded will go – check back to ESTNN for more on Keen Games’ survival title!

Enshrouded Patch 2 – All the Changes of the New Enshrouded Update
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