Enshrouded Patch 1 – Every Change of the First Enshrouded Update!

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Enshrouded Patch 1 – Every Change of the First Enshrouded Update!

Two weeks after Enshrouded entered Early Access, it received its first big update – but what changed in Enshrouded Patch 1?

Enshrouded has only been out for 2 weeks, but it has taken the world by storm. It reached 1 million players very quickly, and has been holding around 100k players on Steam consistently.

Of course, the longevity of a live service game (especially if it’s Early Access) is always determined by the updates it gets, but Keen Games is hard at work to improve Enshrouded. The first Patch has already been released, and while most of the changes are quality of life updates, the developers did some very important upgrades as well!

Enshrouded Patch 1 – The Most Important Changes

Game World Changes

  • The biggest change in this category is that the timer of the world resetting outside of Flame Altar zones has been lowered to 30 minutes, provided that a player is not present in the area. This makes farming much easier, especially on servers where there are multiple players roaming in Embervale.
  • Visuals, chest locations and other elements of gameplay have been polished, as well as increased visibility for some materials such as Amber.

Gameplay Changes

  • One of the biggest gripes of the community was that you can’t craft from chests inside your own base – which was only half true, as the Carpenter NPC can make a chest which makes that possible. However, you have to do a number of quests before unlocking that NPC, so Keen Games moved the Magical Chest to the Blacksmith, the first Flameborn you awaken, making every player’s life much easier.
  • Along the Magic Chests, the Advanced Glider can also be crafted earlier in the game.
  • The Rake is now available properly, as it was not craftable due to some bug.
  • Tin Bars are an important material in the mid and late game, but they were disproportionately “priced”, which has been reduced to bring it closer to level.
  • The skill Water Aura has been nerfed, while the Tier 3 Ice Bolt has been buffed. Poison attacks are also a bit weaker now, especially the Scavanger Matron’s damage has been reduced.
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Enshrouded Patch 1

Building and Terraforming

  • This part is mostly bugfixes, but some quality of life changes were added as well, such as cave sounds not triggering in player made cellars, as well as the terraforming process being streamlined.

Other Bugfixes

  • Crashes, error messages, the AMD shade compiling crash has been fixed among others.
  • Servers are more reliable now, and people can enter them without difficulty.
  • Some item descriptions and numbers has been fixed
  • Japanese and Simplified/Traditional Chinese languages has been fixed!

Enshrouded Patch 1

Of course, this is not everything, and you can find a more extensive list on Enshrouded’s Steam Page. While this update is not too big, it still addressed some important issues while improving some of the bigger problems or hiccups that Enshrouded has.

However, the game is still Early Access, so you can expect more changes – as well as updates from the developers. Nevertheless, Enshrouded is an incredible game, and we can’t wait for the full release!

Enshrouded Patch 1 – Every Change of the First Enshrouded Update!
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