Venture into the Hollow Halls in the Enshrouded Hollow Halls Update!

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Venture into the Hollow Halls in the Enshrouded Hollow Halls Update!

The early access survival game, Enshrouded received it’s biggest update yet, see what’s new in the Hollow Halls!

Enshrouded was all the buzz a few weeks ago, and for good reason: Keen Games’ survival RPG is an incredible game. Recently, the developers released a roadmap about what’s coming to Embervale this year, and today they followed up on some of the promises. Update 1#, the biggest patch for Enshrouded is here, and with it comes a ton of new changes – let’s dive into it!

Enshrouded Hollow Halls Update

First, let’s take a look at the most important additions to the game: Hollow Halls. These are new types of dungeons that are more challenging and rewarding, so you have more to do in the endgame. With the Halls, new types of enemies have been added, as well as a new survivor. These new dungeons will provide a big amount of

The Alchemist has some new quests, and a new crafting station has been added as well. You can descover new building blocks, furniture and decorations, and new weapons to help you brave the Hollow Halls. The new furnitures can also be sat on!

Emily the Farmer has new potted plants, while your Carpenter, Cade can make doors that are straight out of Hobbiton from Lord of the Rings. Seedbeds have also been changed to let players grow trees in them, as well as updating trees with new growing stages.

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A town in the Revelwoods, Willow Crush has been revamped completely, with other areas updated as well – its time to explore!

QoL Changes

With the biggest stuff out of the way, lets look at the smaller, but still important changes:

  • The loot menu has been reworked to offer a smoother experience,
  • Item trading also has a better menu now,
  • New ping feature lets other players signal points of interest,
  • Servers are able to be found by IP,
  • Jumping and Gliding can be mapped to a different key!

Technical Changes

  • The process of updating the game on Steam has been overhauled to enable quicker updates in the future. Previously, each update, regardless of size, required the entire 30 GB game data to be patched on the hard drive. Now, only the affected areas will be patched, resulting in faster updates going forward. While this initial change necessitates a complete download, subsequent updates will be noticeably faster.
  • Enhancements have been made to ensure the stability of save data. As an added layer of security, the game now automatically generates backups of save data at regular intervals. In the event of a save file becoming unreadable, a previous version will be loaded.

Enshrouded Hollow Halls Update

Performance Improvements

  • Performance has been further updated, with a continued focus on maintaining both performance and stability.
  • Support for Nvidia Reflex has been introduced, allowing users to toggle it on or off in the graphical settings if their hardware supports the feature.
  • New options have been added to the graphical settings, including a control for image sharpness and the ability to toggle contact shadows.
  • An option has been provided to disable optional micro spiders, while the larger spiders remain present.

Gameplay Changes

  • Additional shields have been incorporated into the progression system.
  • The Multishot skill no longer consumes multiple arrows when special arrows are selected, addressing concerns about its overall costliness.
  • The functionality of the leech-stat, found on items such as the “Ring of Endless Life,” has been updated to provide the player with a chance to convert a percentage of damage dealt to enemies into health.
  • Certain interactions between player skills, such as Bloodletting, Light Burst, and Acid Cone, have been adjusted for better balance.
  • Various issues related to critical damage, mana consumption, and skill triggers have been addressed and fixed.
  • Companion behavior and skill triggers have been adjusted for better player experience.
  • Numerous tweaks and fixes have been made to weapon durability, enemy behavior, and environmental interactions, among other things.
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Game World Updates

  • Various visual glitches and inconsistencies in points of interest have been rectified.
  • Music playlists have been updated for specific areas and combat scenarios.
  • Issues with ambient sounds and quest markers have been resolved.

Crafting, Building and Terraforming

  • Improvements have been made to the visualization of player base borders and the handling of terrain voxel.
  • Crafting options, building alignments, and object placements have been refined and fixed.
  • New crafting options and quests have been added to enhance gameplay.

User Interface and Localization

  • The character details screen and various UI elements have been updated for improved clarity and readability.
  • Adjustments have been made to health bars, damage numbers, and resource gain indicators for better user experience.
  • Localization issues, typos, and text inconsistencies have been addressed based on community feedback.
  • Various tweaks and fixes have been implemented for UI elements, error messages, and graphical indicators.

Enshrouded has already been amazing, working towards deleting the stigma of Early Access Open World Survival Games. Check out the Hollow Halls and check back to ESTNN for the latest updates in Keen Games’ hit RPG!

Venture into the Hollow Halls in the Enshrouded Hollow Halls Update!
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