Enshrouded Hits One Million Player Milestone

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Enshrouded Hits One Million Player Milestone

Keen Games' high-fantasy survival game “Enshrouded” sold one million units in just 4 days. Enshrouded hits one million player milestone

January is the month of early-access survival games. Amidst Palworld's controversial success is yet another open-world base-builder which has drawn more than a million players after a few days of being released: Enshrouded.

Enshrouded puts you in the shoes of the Flameborn, the last of a dying breed, in a vast, mystical world corrupted by a pervasive fog. Here, players slowly peel away at the mystery surrounding the fog, its monstrous denizens and the glorious treasures that await those brave enough to seek them.

enshrouded hits one million player milestone

Keen Games, the developers behind January's latest multiplayer craze, revealed Enshrouded's latest milestone on their official Twitter, saying that they didn't expect the game to get this popular this quickly.


Enshrouded Hits One Million Player Milestone

This only bodes well for Steam's latest indie hit. Knowing that the early access title still had a long way to go, the developers from Keen Games emphasized their commitment to the playerbase in a follow-up message. “We are looking forward to continuing the development of the game with your support, aiming to make Enshrouded the best game it can be”, the studio said.

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Enshrouded's continued success is underscored by its close proximity to Palworld, a game that has enjoyed equal amounts of success and controversy since its early January 4 release date. That said, it's not a competition, and we're loving what we're seeing so far.


The community's love for open-world voxel-based fantasy games is nothing new. In the past, we've seen nearly-overnight success for other such titles like Valheim and Conan Exiles. And with any luck, we'll be seeing more support for the genre as time goes on.

Speaking of supporters, Enshrouded fans were quick to celebrate the game crossing the 1 million player mark, with many praising Enshrouded's building mechanics and its stellar world-building.

Many also look forward to Enshrouded's hopeful console release. There is no date for Enshrouded's console release as of yet, but with any luck we should be seeing an announcement sometime this year.

Curious about what the latest survival game craze has in store? Check out our full Enshrouded roadmap here.

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