Enshrouded Character Creation Guide – Get Perfect Avatar

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Enshrouded Character Creation Guide – Get Perfect Avatar

How does the Enshrouded Character Creation system work? These are all of the options and limitations you’ll find making your Enshrouded avatar.

One of the most fun new games this January is Enshrouded. It’s a survival game which has some classic elements, but it’s one of those games that takes a more open approach to the player character. The player character is entirely up to you. You’ll have to go through the Enshrouded character creation to create the character you’ll spend the game with.

Rather than playing as a pre-defined character, this is the type of RPG where you decide your own look. It’s a fun way to play the game, especially since Enshrouded is third-person. The game features enshrouded multiplayer so it might be helpful to have a well-designed character, something you can really show off to friends. The Enshrouded Avatar system lets you create your own archetype. Any creator like this can cause problems though. It can be tricky to really perfect how the character looks. If you want something that lives up to the epic gameplay you’ll find here, you’ll need to get the right results in the Enshrouded character creator options.

In a lot of complicated character creation system, it often feels easier to create a monster than a realistic-looking human. The Enshrouded character creator can work well though, especially if you know what you’re doing. This is how it’s all set up, how to best use the Enshrouded character creation options, and what the limitations are.

Enshrouded Character Creation Guide

Enshrouded Character Creation

Enshrouded’s character creation gives you the ability to make a character that matches how you want to play. It’s not like some other games though that give you control over exact features and their sizes. Instead, a few aspects of the game’s avatar creator are tied to presets. You can't edit certain attributes outside of those presets! If you’re looking to really nail how your character looks, you’ll need to go step by step and work with the options we have. At least, that’s how it works at the initial Enshrouded release date.

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We’ll run you through each of the Enshrouded character creator options available, and how to build a decent-looking avatar at the end of it.

Enshrouded Character Creator Options 

Face and Body

The first thing you’ll see in the character creator is setting your facial and body shape. This is one of the most important parts of an avatar system. However, it isn’t an area where you have full control. It’s a bit more limited than in other games.

The face and body art of the character creator in this game is defined by presets. You get the choice of a few different models for the body and face. These are your base that you’ll build the character on.

Since you don’t have full control here, you can’t fine-tune to the more extreme level. However, the presets do have some advantages. It means it’s easy to get an exact face that looks real. You’re not trying to balance the sizes of everything for a long time. It’s just a matter of selecting which out of the Enshrouded character creation bases you like the best.

Hair – Enshrouded Avatar

Enshrouded Character Creation

Once you’ve selected your preset, you’re down to the actual customizable parts of the character creation. There are more options for hairstyle. You can select anything out of the 27 different options. Plus, you have different colors to customize each of them too.

The hair styles definitely make it easier to design your character. There are choices that range through a lot of popular looks for this genre. There’s also the option to add facial hair to some characters too.

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Your next stop in the Enshrouded character creator options is the voice. You can choose from a few different picks for male characters and similar for female-coded voices. Players can pick whichever voice they think best fits their character.

Those are all of the stages for the Enshrouded character creator right now. it’s already possible to dial in how your character looks. Although, there are still limitations like being limited to preset faces. The body of your avatar is really just the start though. After that, you’ve got armor, Enshrouded weapons, and more to customise things.

Enshrouded Character Creation

Can You Change Your Enshrouded Character Creator Options After Making it?

Once you’ve made your character in the game, can you revisit the character creator and fix things? It’s a common concern in games with customizable avatars. A lot of games don’t allow you to change things again, and Enshrouded is one of them. Once your Enshrouded character creation options are locked in, that’s it. Although, you can start again with a new one.

This means you can’t revisit things over time. While it does put more pressure on you at the opening of the game, it also allows you to get more immersed in the game’s world. This can have its positives too.

Will the Enshrouded Character Creator Get Bigger?

At the moment the Enshrouded avatar options are a bit limited in some areas. Is this an area which we might see grow over time? The game is still in Early Access. This means we’ll probably see more expansions over time. The Enshrouded character creator could be one of these areas. By the time the game is further along, we might see a much more expansive system for the Enshrouded character creator.

Enshrouded Character Creation Guide – Get Perfect Avatar
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