Enshrouded All Bosses Complete Guide (Locations, Tips & More)

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Enshrouded All Bosses Complete Guide (Locations, Tips & More)

Fantastic beasts and where to find them. Enshrouded All Bosses

Enshrouded is the newest survival game on the block, and we're sizing it up by looking at all of the most challenging bossfights it has to offer.

Like any open-world sandbox, punishing mobs elevate the game by providing challenge and rewarding loot. Enshrouded is no different, as the game places unique beasts and underground wardens across its fogged landscape.

Epic weapons, super rare materials and more await those who brave Enshrouded's most terrifying foes. Here's our list of every Enshrouded boss and how you can find them.

Enshrouded All Bosses Guide

How to Defeat The Fell Thunderbrute

Enshrouded All Bosses

The Fell Thunderbrute is one of the earliest bosses you'll face in your Enshrouded playthrough. And while it's a fairly straightforward encounter, getting there can be difficult if you don't have the right tools.

The Thunderbrute is encountered at the end of the “Clear the Elixir Well” quest, which you unlock once your Blacksmith settles into your camp. Crafting a Glider is highly recommended, as it will let you spend less time traversing the Shroud on the way down.

This boss is really easy to take down as long as you dodge his melee attacks. Hit and run tactics with bows and magic staffs work wonders here as well as he's mostly susceptible to magic damage.

Fell Thunderbrute drops:

  • 20 Runes
  • Fell Thunderbrute Head
  • Shroud Core
  • Tainted Axe (Epic)

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How to Defeat The Vukah Brawler

Enshrouded All Bosses

The Vukah mountain-dwellers have crowned their champion, and it's a complete beast to take down.

The Vukah Brawler is fought in the quest “Vukah Ceremony” you get from the Carpenter. To find the Vukah Brawler, travel east from the Carpenter's Ancient Vault. Eventually, you'll find the “Vukah Ceremony Hill” where the Brawler awaits. But if you've already unlocked the “Meadows Ancient Spire” fast-travel point, use it then head southeast to find the Vukah Brawler's position.

The Vukah Brawler ferociously smashes anything in front of it and leaps towards its targets to close any distance. Use a mix of archery and fire magic to bring it to heel, and avoid any melee combat unless you have the stamina to dodge its heavy attacks. Lastly, the Vukah Brawler curls up defensively when it's close to death, so use that time to catch a breather until it returns to normal.

How to Defeat The Scavenger Matron

Enshrouded All Bosses

The Scavenger Matrons are domineering boss types in Enshrouded. You'll find these toxic camp leaders around Embervale, where they lead scavenger camps. So far, we've only seen two types of Scavenger Matrons, namely:

  1. Scavenger Gorger Matron – casts a wide arc of poison bile that deals tons of damage
  2. Scavenger Grizzler Matron – blows her horn to call for additional minions

You will encounter Scavenger Matrons in areas that are rife with scavengers. “Hill of Scavengers” and “Fawnsong Frontier” are just a few locales to be wary of.

Once you find yourself face-to-face against these boss types, prioritize ranged fire attacks. Only go in for cutting and piercing damage once she has her back turned.

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How to Defeat The Fell Wispwyvern

Enshrouded All Bosses

The hardest boss in the early game, the Fell Wispwyvern is a terrifying foe to behold. It's icy scales makes it resistant to all damage, and on top of the minions it summons, this monstrosity's frost breath attack can end your entire run.

You face the Fell Wispwyvern for the first time during the “Reach the Capital, Pikemead's Reach” quest. It's highly recommended that you have both elixir buffs on you before you attempt this bossfight. Firebombs and Bows come in handy as well.

The Wispwyvern has tons of mobility and huge damage output, so it helps to watch for its attacks.

  • When it rears its head back, avoid standing in front of the Wispwyvern's telegraphed breath attack.
  • Standing behind it can trigger the Wispwyvern's tail spin. Getting hit will stun you for a few seconds, so watch out!
  • When the Wispwyvern fires into the sky, dangerous icicles will rain down in its surrounding area and where you're standing. Dodge/run away to avoid getting hit.
  • The Wispwyvern can bound towards you at any moment, so always save some stamina for a quick dodge.
  • When the Wispwyvern roars for reinforcements, target the mouth immediately with a fast ranged attack. Successfully hitting your mark will stun the wyvern and make it susceptible to all types of damage.


The misty lands of Enshrouded is wider than we expected, and it's only going to get bigger from here. Check back in for the latest news on all the Enshrouded bosses we can find.

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