Elliot Page to Star in Esports Movie 1UP for BuzzFeed Studios

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Elliot Page to Star in Esports Movie 1UP for BuzzFeed Studios

Elliot Page, star of Juno, Inception, and The Umbrella Academy is teaming up with BuzzFeed Studio to produce a movie revolving around gaming and esports.

The picture, titled “1UP” is the latest project from BuzzFeed Studios that will see Elliot Page team up with fellow star Paris Berelc. Kyle Newman will direct the film.

According to the film's description the story centers around “a female gamer named Vivian Lee” after quitting her college esports team “rather than put up with sexism from her male counterparts”. The film will follow Lee as she assembles an all-women's team “that can compete with the boys.” The supporting cast includes ” unlikely crew of unskilled misfits” who Lee recruits, and “an enigmatic coach who returns to the spotlight after her own Gamergate scandal…”

Director, Kyle Newman described the movie as “gaming’s Pitch Perfect, set in the world of esports.” While that’s not much to go on, it’ll be interesting to see what the cast and director can pull off. We’ve certainly seen our fair share of gaming movies. However, the culture around it being used as the driving force could be interesting.

Elliot Page played the lead role in Beyond: Two Souls. His only video game credit to date.

As for Page, he’s no stranger to video game roles. Starting in the popular 2013 title Beyond: Two Souls, Page played lead character, Jodie Holmes. Page’s face was also featured alongside his voice with the title using motion capture to capture the actors performances.

Production is already underway

While we know little else about the title, Kyle Newman’s Twitter at least gives us an idea of the production schedule. With day one of filming wrapped on December 1, it might not be long until we see more from the title.

With most movies taking around 3 months to film, we could even expect a 2021 release. Though, it’s unknown what impact COVID-19 is having on production.

Elliot Page to Star in Esports Movie 1UP for BuzzFeed Studios
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