Elden Ring Mohgwyn Palace Location and How to Get There

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Elden Ring Mohgwyn Palace Location and How to Get There

Elden Ring likes to hide some key locations. Mohgwyn Palace is one of those, so getting to the location can be tricky.

Here is the secret to getting to another one of Elden Ring's areas that is topped off with an amazing optional boss.

The Path of Blood

Now there are two ways to get to Mohgwyn's Palace. The first of them is to finish the Bloody Finger questline given by White-Faced Varré. One of the first NPC's you'll encounter in the game. You know, the guy that calls you out for being “maidenless” and not getting into that exclusive Roundtable Hold club.

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After you defeat Godrick the Grafted, you can find him at the Rose Church. That one is on a large island southwest of Liurnia, it's that weird church that looks a little bloody. He'll then ask you to invade three players with Festering Bloody Finger's to proceed with his questline. You only need to invade other people, you don't need to actually beat them. After he'll ask you to soak the Lord of Blood's Favor with the blood of a maiden. You can find one at the Chapel of Anticipation, the area you start the game in. But the easiest one will be at the Church of Inhibition located in the northern mountains of Liurnia. Once that is done with, return to Varré and he'll hand you the Pureblood Knights Medal. Which you can use to teleport directly to the palace.


Alternatively, you can also just head to the Consecrated Snowfield and find the location on the screenshot.

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Just north-west of the Yelough Anix Ruins along the cliffsides. If you get past a bear and get invaded by a bloody noble NPC, you are on the right track. Once you find a few frog-headed things worshipping a bloody gateway, you got the right one. From there you get to Mohgwyn Palace. A nice, friendly place. Filled with friendly people and friendly things. Beware of giant skeletons that shoot lasers out of nowhere. Did I mention you can mount here? Do it. Don't make my mistakes.

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Elden Ring Mohgwyn Palace Location and How to Get There
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