Elden Ring Blackroot Depths How to Get There

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Elden Ring Blackroot Depths How to Get There

Elden Ring Blackroot Depths is one of the game's many secret locations.

Another one of Elden Ring's somewhat out of the way areas are the Blackroot Depths, here's how you get there.

The General and the Eternal City

Now to get to Blackroot Depths you need to go on a little bit of an adventure, first, you need to face General Radahn. We already have a little guide that might help you get an edge over him. Once you finish him you get the big reveal. The madman has through sheer force of will kept away the stars. Now that you've laid him low, a meteor will crash in Limgrave and leave a giant hole next to the Mistwood. It's hard to miss with all those rocks floating about.

From there you begin your descent to Nokron, the Eternal City. This is a fairly forward affair, you just have to get past all the spooky enemies. This area also ties into Ranni's questline so keep that in mind. Once you make it past the Mimic boss fight, you get to the ancestral grounds. Coming from the aqueduct, to the left you can head further into the Eternal City. If you explore the area and light all the fires, you get to fight an optional boss. But we're gonna head right instead. Up the pathway with the jellyfish and down some slopes you'll find another grace.

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Just down there…

Aqueduct Facing Cliffs and Old Friends

Now from here on, you can proceed by doing some precision jumping, or simply using Torrent. Here you'll be facing a few tough Crucible Knights and some minor enemies. But your goal is to head further into the aqueduct. Here we also find another NPC that ties into Rogier's, Fia's and D's questlines. Walking past and up a short flight of stairs, you get to the waterfalls. Here you'll be facing a type of boss FromSoftware veterans should be very familiar with. Gargoyles. Two of them. Keep them apart from each other and time your attacks, and they should be doable then.

Elden Ring Blackroot Depths
Naptime in the Coffin will get you places.

Now head further in and get yourself that well-deserved grace. Now take a look around and along some of the waterfalls, there is a coffin. Head over, take a short nap within and see where the journey takes you. Well, it takes you to Blackroot Depths. The spoiler is in the title. Enjoy yourself. Very fun place, very nice and bright. I'm starting to wonder who hurt the people on FromSoftware's art team.

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Elden Ring Blackroot Depths How to Get There
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