EA Sports FC 24 Ultimate Team Deep Dive Trailer Released

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EA Sports FC 24 Ultimate Team Deep Dive Trailer Released

EA Sports has just dropped the EA Sports FC 24 Ultimate Team Deep Dive Trailer

As the official global launch of EA FC 24 draws closer, EA Sports has been systematically revealing substantial insights about the game through their detailed Deep Dive trailers.

Up until now, they've shed light on gameplay mechanics, Matchday attributes, and alterations to Career Mode. Adding to this, EA Sports has now unveiled the details about EA Sports FC 24 Ultimate Team in the EA Sports FC 24 Ultimate Team Deep Dive Trailer.

EA Sports FC 24 Ultimate Team Deep Dive Trailer: What’s New?

The EA Sports FC 24 Ultimate Team Deep Dive Trailer has offered an exclusive glimpse into the highly anticipated mode of the game, namely Ultimate Team. Notably, EA Sports has already disclosed certain details regarding the upcoming features of Ultimate Team, such as the inclusion of female players. What further modifications and enhancements have the developers implemented within the Ultimate Team experience?

EA Sports FC 24 Ultimate Team Deep Dive Trailer

Ultimate Team Evolutions 

Through the Ultimate Team Evolution feature, you'll have the opportunity to enhance your preferred players by fulfilling specific objectives alongside them. For example, achieving goals like making 20 successful passes and securing two assists with your favorite player will mark the completion of level one, subsequently enhancing their weaker foot attributes. The Player Items can also be upgraded, elevating the prominence of your club favorites as they make their presence felt when you enter a match.

Women’s Football 

For the first time, EA Sports FC 24 Ultimate Team will allow you to field female and male footballers together on the same pitch. The game will fully cover top women’s leagues like The Barclays Women’s Super League (England), D1 Arkema (France), Google Pixel Frauen-Bundesliga (Germany), Liga F (Spain), and National Women’s Soccer League (United States).

Moreover, an exclusive group of Clubs and their respective players from the UEFA Women's Champions League will make their debut in Ultimate Team upon its launch. This introduction will expand the possibilities for creating a wider variety of squads, providing players with even more options for team composition. 

Heroes and Icons 

Step into the past and relive the glory days by playing alongside some of the most legendary players in history. EA Sports has already showcased a full roster of Heroes and the Icons will be revealed soon. 

EA Sports has brought about a notable change in Icon chemistry. When an Icon becomes part of your team, they will contribute a +1 league link to each member of your squad, presenting you with an expanded scope for constructing teams.


PlayStyles is a dynamic that extends beyond the customary overall ratings. This evolution allows you to customize your squad based on your perception of each player's individual playing style and their actual impact on the game.

Each PlayStyle shapes the course of gameplay, granting players distinctive abilities that come alive in a tangible manner, authentically capturing their unique playing styles.PlayStyles+ elevates these signature attributes to a pinnacle of brilliance. Consider Sam Kerr's commanding Power Header or Haaland's remarkable Acrobatic prowess, serving as vivid examples of the extraordinary player talents that set them apart on the grand stage.


EA Sports has breathed new life into one of Ultimate Team's standout features – Objectives. Amidst the wealth of impressive offerings in Ultimate Team, identifying the perfect choice can be a difficult challenge.

Even though Ultimate Team objectives offer an immensely enjoyable experience, their previous presentation might have seemed somewhat dull. To remedy this, chosen Objective Groups will feature themed backgrounds, ensuring a lively and engaging visual experience.

Objectives come brimming with enticing rewards that can swiftly amass, especially for players deeply engrossed in the game. To ensure a quicker return to gameplay, EA Sports has introduced an ingenious new feature: the Claim All button.

By selecting the Claim All option, you can swiftly collect all rewards earned through completed Objectives within a specific Objective Group, which will then be seamlessly transferred to your Club.

EA Sports FC 24 Ultimate Team Deep Dive Trailer Released
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