EA Sports FC 24 Matchday Experience Deep Dive Trailer Launched

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EA Sports FC 24 Matchday Experience Deep Dive Trailer Launched

EA Sports has dropped the EA Sports FC 24 Matchday Experience Deep Dive Trailer

EA Sports has unveiled an exciting new video focused on the in-game experience of EA Sports FC 24. The 6-minute footage offers a detailed glimpse of the exciting changes in the game.

EA Sports FC 24 Matchday Experience Deep Dive Trailer: What's New?

EA Sports FC 24 Matchday Experience Deep Dive Trailer Launched


With the powerful Frostbite engine at its core, EA Sports FC 24 delivers an extraordinary level of realism. Experience the game like never before, with lifelike SAPIEN player models, intricate jersey creasing as players take on defenders, and an in-game experience that goes beyond all expectations, mirroring the thrill of real football.

Here are some of the new features that should excite FIFA fans around the globe: 

SAPIEN Technology 

Witness the revolutionary player models in action as cutting-edge technology transforms their appearance and movements. With redesigned models replicating real movements with 10 times more anatomical precision and accuracy, every small detail is accounted for. This results in smoother animations that capture the unique characteristics and body types that make players truly special.

GPU Cloth

Jerseys in the game now mirror real-world movements, responding to players' strides, changing direction, and flowing with their motion. The fabric stretches and creases, reflecting the athletes' athleticism and bringing actions in the Beautiful Game, like slides and celebrations, closer to the realism of real football.

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Dynamic Match Introductions 

Experience the game's energy even before kick-off with dynamic match intros. These impactful sequences set the scene, providing a personalized narrative tailored to the game mode and the significance of the match. Before you step onto the field, you'll feel fully immersed in the place, the opponents, and the stakes, creating the perfect context for the imminent kick-off.

Matchday Menus 

Elevate your matchday experience with engaging menus that offer a unique behind-the-scenes glimpse during intermediate moments of the game. From the pause menu to halftime and post-match, enjoy never-before-seen angles and exclusive footage of pundits and commentators in new stadium perspectives.


The visual realism of players in EA SPORTS FC 24 has reached new heights, thanks to improved reflections and lighting that give life to the faces of the Beautiful Game. The Ground Truth Ambient Occlusion technology adds depth and fine details, showcasing players with striking shadows and shading.

Second Commentary Team

EA Sports FC 24 shakes up the commentary experience with a fresh duo for Ultimate Team and specific Kick-Off modes. The iconic English commentator, Guy Mowbray, is joined by Sue Smith, who makes her mark as the first female co-commentator in EA’s flagship football game. 

HyperMotionV Insight Overlays

With Intelligent Broadcast Augmented Reality (AR), the game comes alive as it analyzes the unfolding match, providing invaluable insights directly on the pitch. Stay ahead of your opponents by accessing match statistics, win probabilities, shot charts, and other essential information to take control of the game.

Beyond Commentary

Feel the energy of real football as you become a part of the stadium atmosphere. With amplified chants, larger reactions, passionate crowds, and the inclusion of new authentic audio elements like drums and trumpets, you'll be fully immersed in the game's vibrant ambiance.

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New Default Gameplay Camera

Embark on a whole new football adventure with EA Sports FC 24, featuring the game-changing Tactical Cam. This innovative camera angle grants players an advanced tactical view of the field while immersing them in the electric stadium atmosphere with vivid, lifelike details.

EA Sports FC 24 Matchday Experience Deep Dive Trailer Launched
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