EA Sports FC 24 Career Mode: New Manager Career Mode Features Explained

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EA Sports FC 24 Career Mode: New Manager Career Mode Features Explained

The EA Sports FC Career Deep Dive Trailer revealed a slew of new features set to appear in the EA Sports FC 24 Career Mode, especially in the Manager Mode. Here we took a closer look at them 

EA Sports FC 24 is not a new IP. It’s a rebranding of EA’s global hit FIFA series after the organization’s licensing agreement with the world’s football regulatory body, FIFA, expired. Many gamers, therefore, were not expecting drastic changes in the new game, but the new EA Sports FC 24 Career Deep Dive Trailer has made some exciting new reveals. 

The Manager Career Mode features, in particular, have undergone significant changes. In this piece, we will break down the new EA Sports FC 24 Manager Career Mode features. 

EA Sports FC 24 Career Mode: What Are The New Manager Mode Features? 

Ready to lead? Take charge as a manager in EA FC 24 Career Mode and experience the exhilaration of steering your team to glory in the most prestigious competitions. Your strategic acumen and player development skills will be put to the test!

EA Sports FC 24 Career Mode: New Manager Career Mode Features Explained

Image Courtesy: EA Sports


Your Manager Career Mode journey is about to become even more immersive and engaging, thanks to exciting updates like Tactical Vision, the ability to hire specialized coaches and advanced match preparations, granting you extensive control over team decisions.

Tactical Vision 

Customize your team's playing style like never before in EA FC 24, as the new feature allows players to pick from seven different tactical philosophies. Whether it's Gegenpressing or Tiki-Taka, players can embrace their preferred strategy to dominate the game.


A cohesive gameplay approach that combines defensive stability with offensive prowess, providing a well-balanced challenge to opponents.

Wing Play

Spread the play across the entire width of the pitch, quickly involve attacking players positioned close to the touchlines, and deploy overlapping full-backs to intensify the attacking potential from wide regions.


A possession-centric approach, where your team's players demonstrate excellent ball control across all areas of the pitch. Through short passing and intelligent movement, you can strategically create openings to deliver precise passes into the attacking channels and gaps within the opponent's defense.


This style of play is characterized by its low-risk strategy and commitment to maintaining a low block. Players prioritize defensive solidity in and around the penalty area, and upon winning back the ball, they quickly initiate forward play, utilizing attackers' intelligent positioning to exploit the gaps behind the opposition backline.


The foundation of this strategy lies in the high press, where your team aggressively aims to regain possession in the opponent's third. By exploiting turnovers, they swiftly create goal-scoring chances before the opposition can organize their defense.

Kick & Rush

Centered on strength and athleticism, this playing approach allows your players to bypass the midfield, swiftly sending the ball forward to your powerful strikers. They skillfully capitalize on spaces behind defenders, excel in securing second balls, and execute precise knockdowns.

Park The Bus 

A term coined by the legendary Jose Mourinho, Park The Bus is a tactical philosophy that champions resolute and tenacious defending. With unwavering discipline and organization out of possession, you consistently implement a very low block, thwarting opponents' advances and transitioning into quick offensive forays upon winning back the ball.


The EA FC 24 coaching feature is tailored to supercharge your team's tactical finesse and enhance player attributes. Each coach possesses Tactical Knowledge, encompassing three tiers – Novice, Accomplished, and Expert – spanning seven distinctive Tactical Visions. As a manager, you wield the power to assign coaches to dedicated departments, such as Attack, Midfield, Defense, and Goalkeeping.


Image Courtesy: EA Sports 


By appointing dedicated coaches, you can address the vulnerable areas in your team. Each coach offers distinct bonuses to players, and players can easily make changes to their coaching staff as needed. Having higher quality coaches will lead to faster player development, providing an added advantage to gamers in improving their team's performance.

The number of coaching positions available to each club is fixed, however, mainly determined by the club's prestige and value. For example, you can expect to have a larger coaching staff at Real Madrid than at Galatasaray S.K. Players can gain extra coach slots each year by achieving a high manager rating at the end of the preceding season.

EA Sports FC 24 Manager Mode: Matchday Preparations 

EA FC 24 will see a substantial emphasis on match preparations. EA Sports has unveiled three exciting new features that will revolutionize your pre-match preparations.

Training Plan


Image Courtesy: EA Sports


A thorough overhaul of training programs has made them more user-friendly and accessible. 

The flexibility of setting individual Training Plans for each player allows for adjustments as the season progresses. Striking the perfect balance between enhancing a player's performance and maintaining their fitness and energy levels throughout the season will be your key challenge with Training Plans.

There are five Training Plans available for players to choose from, each with a distinct focus, spanning performance to energy. When players select a plan, it communicates to the club staff the specific aspect that requires attention for that player.

Customizable training plans are one of the most realistic additions to the game. When players return from a lengthy injury, for example, they can’t train with the same intensity as their teammates. A specialized plan, therefore, can accelerate their rehabilitation process and minimize risks of relapse. Other than individual plans, you can also create training plans for a select group of players. 

Pre-Match Report 


Image Courtesy: EA Sports


The latest Matchday Hub comes equipped with pre-match reports, providing you with a competitive edge to overcome your next opponent. The pre-match reports deliver crucial insights into your rival's playing style, featuring probable line-ups, recent form, and their rank in the competition. Moreover, you'll be well-informed about the key attacking and defensive players to be cautious of.

In certain scenarios, teams might opt for a more defensive approach when facing possession-heavy opponents like Arsenal and Manchester City, aiming to nullify their attacking prowess. On the contrary, facing counter-attacking teams like Inter Milan and RB Leipzig will require defensive stability and speed to thwart their lightning-fast offensive breaks.

Match Ready Training


Image Courtesy: EA Sports 


Match Ready Training is another excellent Matchday Hub addition that allows you to prepare the best for a match against a specific opposition. These training sessions offer personalized drills to boost your team's performance in a certain aspect of the game. 

Let’s assume that pre-match reports indicate you are about to play against a team that struggles aerially inside their box. You can, therefore, train your strikers to unlock Power Header PlayStyle and your wingers to attain Whipped Pass PlayStyles to exploit the opposition’s aerial vulnerability. 

EA Sports 24 Manager Mode: Tactical View 

With the ability to choose from different vantage points during games, players will feel completely immersed in the role of a manager. 


Image Courtesy: EA Sports


Tactical View gives you these options: 


  • Follow Certain Players Across The Pitch: Keep a keen eye on the match and concentrate on the performances of particular players involved in the game.

  • Get A Bird’s Eye View Of The Action: Take in the entire playing field at a glance, closely observing how the game unfolds and the interactions between players.

  • Touchline View: Watch the action from the sidelines, just like a real-life football manager. 


The beauty of it all lies in the seamless switching between different views during the match. No need to pause the game as you can quickly adjust tactics and change your game plan on the go. Moreover, Tactical View is perfectly integrated with other aspects of the Manager Career.

You have the choice to get hands-on with your team through the pause menu or sit back and enjoy the match from a strategic perspective if you're in a comfortable lead. Additionally, if time is of the essence, you can opt for Sim mode to speed up toward the final whistle.

EA Sports FC 24 Career Mode: New Manager Career Mode Features Explained
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