EA Sports FC: Career Mode Deep Dive Trailer

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EA Sports FC: Career Mode Deep Dive Trailer

EA Sports FC has launched a new deep dive trailer to give us more details on career mode.

With the FC 24 game launch getting closer EA is starting to reveal more about the new game that will take over from the FIFA series. FC 24's career mode will be getting a huge upgrade to keep the game mode alive. Career mode has lacked a new update since the popularity of ultimate team over 10 years ago. These upgrades are coming in hopes to refresh the game mode to bring you a better experience in career mode.

EA Sports FC Manager Career

FC 24 manager career allows you to play as any manager in the available leagues in the game. This means you can jump in as Pep Guardiola and take over the Manchester City side in hopes to win the treble yourself. You will be given the chance to create your own unique tactics to tear up teams and beat some of the biggest teams in the world.

Hiring new coaching staff with more skills and experience will allow you to gain better tactics. These coaches will be great at helping the team in developing players. This will come at a cost though and your team's weekly budget will need to be met as better coaches demand a higher wage. The coaching staff will also help new players get comfortable in a new team or position.

In-game spectating gives you a new way to see your players play as you manage them from the sidelines. Watching your team play will mean you can see where they are going right and wrong so you can change the tactic throughout the game to perfect the play style.

EA Sports FC Career Mode Match Preparation

Training Plans will give you the ability to choose the perfect training sessions to keep players on form. Each player will have a fitness and sharpness bar and you will need to work with each player individually to keep these as high as possible.

Pre-Match Reports will allow you to see how your opponents play and what their expected tactics will be. This gives you time to prepare before the game to find the best play style to beat them. Having the ability to prepare for each individual team will be vital in trying to outplay them. If a team has a fast attacking area you can prepare by telling your defenders to get back fast when your team is no longer in possession.

Match Ready Training gives you the chance to train players for the upcoming match so they can focus on a specific tactic to beating the other team's play style. Keeping your players freshly trained in these areas will give them an advantage on the pitch.

EA Sports FC Player Career

FC 24 player career allows you to jump in as a personalised player so you can try and be the next club legend. You can help your favorite team win major trophies or secure promotion to a higher league. Having the ability to play any position will mean you can have a player that can play anywhere on the field. Maybe you are a 6ft 5″ sweeper keeper or a fast pace striker running through defenders.

Player Agents will have a key part in giving you a great career. They will work with teams to try and give you a successful career and help guide you when signing new contracts or moving to different teams. This means you could gain experience in a smaller league in hopes you can gain the experience to get noticed by some of the top teams from around the world. You will also receive new targets from your agent which will improve your wages and contract lengths by hitting them.

Play Style gives you full customisation on how you want your player to play. You will be able to choose specific skills that your player is better at which will change their play style.

EA Sports FC Career Mode Key Moments

Key moments is a new way to celebrate not only a team's success but also your player's success too. Celebrating your team winning the league or a major trophy by having bus parades or end-of-season player awards where you could win player of the year for your team.

The Ballon d'Or is a new trophy in the game for your career player to win. This trophy is regarded as the ultimate prize for a player to earn. Each year players are put up for voting and can earn votes by making a statement on the field.

EA Sports FC Deep Dive Trailer

The trailer is now live on the EA Sports FC X account as well as their YouTube channel. More updates on different game modes are expected soon as the game's launch gets closer.

EA Sports FC: Career Mode Deep Dive Trailer
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