EA FC Mobile: Release Date, Cover Star & More

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EA FC Mobile: Release Date, Cover Star & More

EA FC Mobile will be the successor to EA FIFA Mobile 23. Here’s every confirmed detail about the game including the release date, cover star, and more

The latest installment in EA Sports' mobile soccer game series, EA Sports FC Mobile, has been announced. As EA Sports and countless fans of the developer’s soccer around the globe prepare for life after FIFA, we brought together all the details you need to know about EA FC Mobile

EA FC Mobile Release Date 

EA FC Mobile will launch globally on September 26, which means the game will be available three days before the launch of EA Sports FC 24

EA Sports FC Mobile: Is It A FIFA Mobile 23 Update? 

EA FC Mobile: Release Date, Cover Star & More

Credit: EA FC Mobile

EA Sports Mobile is the next installment of FIFA Mobile 23. FIFA Mobile users, however, will be able to switch to the new game by installing an update. If you are already a FIFA Mobile player, there is no need to install EA Sports Mobile separately. 

EA FC Mobile Cover Star 

Real Madrid star Vinícius Júnior will be the cover star of EA FC Mobile. This is most likely an indication of his significant presence in the game's menus, given that the game's mobile format doesn't involve a traditional ‘cover.'

“I’m excited to be featured as the cover star for EA Sports FC Mobile and look forward to sharing this excitement with fans worldwide,” Viní Jr. said in a statement.

“Football is more than just a sport, and to play a part in inviting more people into this celebration is a dream,” the Brazil international added. 

This announcement quickly led to differing opinions among the members of the EA FC Mobile community. Some support Vini Jr's selection as the EA FC Mobile cover star, seeing it as a well-deserved recognition for the Brazilian athlete. Another group, however, argues that a different star should have been chosen for the cover.

It was widely anticipated that Erling Haaland, who graces the cover of EA FC 24, would also be chosen for the cover of the mobile version. This wouldn't have been unexpected, given the precedent set by previous editions where Kylian Mbappe represented the franchise on both the main title and the mobile release of FIFA.

EA FC Mobile Beta

The EA FC Mobile Beta has already gone live. EA Sports rolled out the beta on July 31 and confirmed that it will continue until August 31. Players now have the chance to experiment with the fresh gameplay of EA FC Mobile using any of the nine featured teams: Borussia Dortmund, Real Madrid, Atletico Madrid, Chelsea, PSG, Manchester City, Tottenham, Liverpool, and Juventus.  Check out our detailed coverage of EA FC Mobile Beta to find out how to get an invite.

EA Sports FC Mobile Features

EA Sports has confirmed the following EA Sports FC Mobile features:

Dynamic Game Speed 

With a mobile-oriented approach and a heightened sense of tactile game speed, player persona and attributes will exert a more pronounced effect on the playing field.

Elite Shooting System 

The overhauled shooting mechanics empower influential players to register their presence on the scorecard and leave a significant impression. The satisfaction of wise shooting decisions, be it inside or outside the penalty area, from crosses or volleys, is tangible. 

True Player Personality 

True Player Personality gives a lifelike portrayal of the planet's most iconic soccer stars, encapsulating their true character. Genuine running styles, personalized penalty kick postures, and individualized celebrations, all elevate EA SPORTS FC MOBILE to an unprecedented level of authenticity.

Impact Controls 

EA Sports has introduced the following Impact Controls in EA Sports FC Mobile: 

  • Power Shot: Let loose a formidable strike that leaves goalkeepers grasping at thin air. Charge your shot while you find room to fully exploit the Power Shot's capabilities. Navigate the delicate balance of risk and reward with the Power Shot to dismantle your opponent and seize the lead.
  • Knock On Dribble: Launch your fleet-footed dribblers into rapid motion by gently pushing the ball forward into open space. Exploit your opposition's high defensive line by surging forward with your swift attackers. 
  • Hard Tackle: Impose your presence and establish supremacy in both defense and midfield by unleashing a robust stand tackle. Effectively strip your opponent's attackers of the ball or execute a crucial, last-resort block using the newly integrated Hard Tackles.


EA FC Mobile: Release Date, Cover Star & More
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