EA SPORTS FC Mobile: Everything We Know and More

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EA SPORTS FC Mobile: Everything We Know and More

EA Sports FC Mobile is coming and is expected to be released in the autumn season.

Originally called Fifa Mobile, EA Sports FC will be the new name of the game after the overhaul update is released. Existing players of FIFA Mobile will be able to continue playing the game with their current account being able to carry over. It isn't yet confirmed what will carry over. This means that team ratings and coins may be reset with the overhaul update. More information on this will be announced closer to the release date. All players who have FIFA mobile installed will received the update straight away and can get to playing the new game. Anyone who doesn't have the game already can install it on the App Store or Play Store and get a feel for FIFA mobile before the update is out.

EA Sports FC Mobile Game Modes

Leagues is a standard game mode that allows you to join a league and compete against other teams for points. Joining a league allows you to play in different tournaments, championships, and single-player matches. These all allow you to earn league points which you can spend on reward packs and bundles. Leagues allow you to play against friends and family to battle it out to earn points and respect. The sub-game modes such as championships allow a minimum of 4 players to go head to head in order to knock each other out of the tournament to win the competition. Tournaments is a game mode where one league will play another league with matchups starting from 4 vs 4 up to 32 vs 32.

VS Attack Mode is a multiplayer game mode where you go head-to-head in order to win prizes. You will start out by choosing your formation which can be vital to how you will perform in the game. Choosing an attacking formation will result in more goals but will also likely mean you will concede more. Choosing a defensive formation means you are less likely to score or concede. Each player will play against AI and will be placed into attacking positions to try and score. The faster you score the more chances you will get to keep going. Being fast and consistent is the best way to keep beating your opponent. Once the game starts a 2-minute timer will also start where you have to try and get as many goals as possible in that time frame. When the game finishes if you win you will gain fans but if you lose you will lose fans. The more fans you have the higher division you will be in. Losing too much will resort in you being relegated.

Head to Head is another online game mode that allows you to play real-time 11 v 11 matches with players from around the world. Winning and drawing games will earn you cups and rewards. The more cups you get the higher you will be in your division. To get promoted you need to earn enough cups. Head to Head runs on a 30-day season system meaning if you are above the FIFA champion division your cups will be reset down to 1,000,000. There are 13 divisions with each tier getting harder as you go along. The higher the division you are in the more rewards you will earn at the end of the 30-day period.

No other game modes are confirmed but as it will be an overhaul update it is expected that something new may be released as well.

EA Sports FC Mobile Football Leagues

This game will be released with some of the top leagues in football which means big teams, big players, and the ability to have players from all over the world in your squad. Having access to a wide range of players means you can create teams with some of the top football players from around the world such as Haaland, Mbappe, and even Messi. Championships are bracketed tournaments where members of your league will play each other to know each other out of the competition in hopes of winning. These require a minimum of 4

These leagues will be:

  • UEFA Competitions (Champions League, Europa League, and Europa Conference League)
  • Premier League
  • Bundesliga
  • Serie A TIM
  • MLS
  • Ligue 1 Uber Eats
  • and more that aren't yet confirmed

No women's leagues have been announced yet but the main EA Sports FC game does include some of these leagues. This means there is still a possibility that women's leagues will be added.

EA Sports FC Mobile News

All announcements and news is expected to be released first on the EA Sports FC Website. As the game is still a few months away more news can be expected soon.

EA SPORTS FC Mobile: Everything We Know and More
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