EA FC 24 Stadiums: Why Two Iconic Arenas Will Not Feature in the Game

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EA FC 24 Stadiums: Why Two Iconic Arenas Will Not Feature in the Game

The list of EA FC 24 stadiums has two high-profile absentees

FIFA fans will be disappointed to learn that the next iteration of the game, EA FC 24, will not showcase two of the world's finest soccer stadiums. The EA FC 24 stadiums list features more than 100 arenas worldwide, but the exclusion of these two iconic venues will be disheartening for devoted soccer fans. 

Set to debut on September 29, the inaugural game of the post-FIFA era has garnered significant anticipation for its gameplay and sensory aspects.

EA FC 24 Stadiums: What Are The Biggest Absentees? 

EA FC 24 Stadiums: Why Two Iconic Arenas Will Not Feature in the Game

Camp Nou is unlikely to feature in EA FC 24 (Credit: Donk Trading)

As EA's ‘Deep Dive‘ series continues to unfold, it brings forth a wealth of new information about EA FC 24's various modes and attributes. It's now been officially revealed that the gaming giant holds licenses for an extensive 19,000 players, 700 teams, 30 leagues, and over 100 stadiums.

Still, two prominent stadiums will be missing – Bayern Munich's Allianz Arena and Barcelona's renowned Spotify Camp Nou stadium.

EA's rivals, Konami, have agreements with both clubs for their eFootball game. As a result, these two arenas only appear in Konami's soccer title. 

Bayern extended their partnership a year back, and recently Barca did the same by renewing their deal. The home grounds, of these two teams' therefore are expected to be eFootball exclusives. 

Expect EAFC 24 to feature the major clubs with basic, somewhat similar stadiums. Unlike previous installments, however, EA FC 24 is expected to feature licensed kits, logos, and names for these teams. 

The Nou Camp, currently torn down for a major renovation, hasn't been part of any EA Sports soccer game since FIFA 16. The Allianz Arena, on the other hand, was last seen in FIFA 19.

No Serie A Champions in EA FC 24? 

Serie A champions Napoli are tied to Konami, which means they won't be officially part of the upcoming EAFC game.

Just like in the past when EA Sports used the name ‘Piemonte Calcio' for Juventus, Napoli will wear a standard blue home uniform and go by ‘Napoli FC', along with an alternative badge. The club's home ground, Diego Armando Maradona Stadium, will also not feature in EA FC 24. 

Will San Siro Feature In EA FC 24? 

There have been rumors claiming San Siro will not be a part of the upcoming EA FC 24. While there have been no official confirmations from EA Sports as of yet, it seems unlikely that the legendary venue will be unavailable on EA FC 24. 

Inter Milan and AC Milan, who use San Siro as their home ground, have partnerships with Konami, but these agreements are not exclusive. It’s, therefore, reasonable to expect San Siro to make a return as one of the stadiums in EA FC 24.

Can EA Sports’ La Liga Deal Bring Camp Nou To EA FC 24?

La Liga now has EA Sports as its main sponsor since the gaming giants obtained the sponsorship rights of the competition last year. This has led many to believe that EA Sports will have licensing rights to all La Liga stadiums, including Camp Nou. 

Barcelona and FIFA fans, however, should not get their hopes up just yet, as no official announcement has been made regarding the issue. Sources close to the Catalans indicate Konami still retains the rights to Camp Nou, so the stadium will be exclusively featured on eFootball. 

Barcelona currently play at Estadi Olímpic Lluís Companys as Camp Nou is undergoing renovation. While Camp Nou is highly unlikely to feature in EA FC 24, there's a possibility that Estadi Olímpic Lluís Companys could be included in the game.

What New Stadiums Are Coming To EA FC 24?

EA Sports has officially confirmed that there will be 115 available stadiums in EA FC 24, compared to FIFA 23’s 105. Just like in previous years, EA consistently includes new stadiums in the game for teams that make it to the top league, and Premier League’s freshly promoted team Luton Town is expected to follow suit. Kenilworth Road, their home turf, is truly special, and it will make for some breathtaking visuals in EA FC 24. 

Just like Nottingham Forest's City Ground, Kenilworth Road will probably be included in the game around late 2023 or early 2024. Due to the ongoing renovations, the delay might be extended, but the venue is highly expected to be featured in the game. 

EA Sports has an exclusive arrangement with the Premier League that enables it to use all Premier League stadiums in its soccer game. Luton Town’s home turf is the only Premier League ground that did not originally feature in FIFA 23. 

EA’s latest deal with La Liga will give it access to a host of La Liga stadiums like the Power Horse Stadium, Estadio Manuel Martínez Valero, and many more. EA FC 24 will shine a brighter spotlight on women's football, featuring stadiums from women's teams such as Estadio Alfredo Di Stéfano (Real Madrid Femenino) and AOK Stadion (VfL Wolfsburg Ladies).


EA FC 24 takes Scottish football devotees on a virtual tour of Celtic Park and Ibrox Stadium, marking a groundbreaking addition to the franchise. This exciting development was initially announced by Celtics and Rangers ahead of FIFA 23 last year but had to be delayed until this year, leaving eager gamers in anticipation.

EA FC 24, EA FC 24 stadiums

Celtic Park in EA FC 24 ( Credit: EA Sports)

The desire to see these stadiums in the game has been a long-standing request from fans of both clubs and the broader Scottish football community.

Due to licensing constraints, EA previously employed the fictional ‘East Point Arena' as the home ground for both the Old Farm rivals. This year, however, fans can finally immerse themselves in the authentic atmospheres of these legendary Scottish arenas for the very first time within the game.

EA FC 24 Stadiums: Why Two Iconic Arenas Will Not Feature in the Game
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