EA FC 24 Servers Down: When Can You Log In to Ultimate Team?

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EA FC 24 Servers Down: When Can You Log In to Ultimate Team?

Are the EA FC 24 servers down? When can you expect to get back online playing your favorite soccer game? Let’s find out 

Heads up, EA FC 24 players! The servers are currently down for scheduled maintenance that's running longer than expected. You won't be able to access online features, but single-player mode is still available. How long will the EA FC 24 servers down status continue? When will the servers go back up and running? This short read will get you up to date in an instant. 

Are EA FC 24 Servers Down?

EA FC 24 Servers Down: When Can You Log In to Ultimate Team?
Credit: EA Sports

Yes, they are! Due to ongoing maintenance, EA FC 24, FIFA 22, and FIFA 23 servers are currently unavailable on all platforms. EA Sports had earlier announced a temporary shutdown of the servers because of an EA FC 24 maintenance session. However, the game is taking longer to return online than expected, much to the frustration of millions of devoted FC 24 players around the globe. 


As the countdown to the TOTS promo ticks away, gamers are eagerly priming their Ultimate Team for the upcoming event. The ongoing TOTS Warmup Series presents a chance to rake in some quick rewards. Unfortunately, any plans of diving into SBCs or participating in the TOTS Warmup Cup today have been thwarted, thanks to EA Sports' scheduled maintenance, which has put a pause on all online activities in EA FC 24.

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When Will EA FC 24 Maintenance End? 


The EA FC 24 server maintenance kicked off at 7am BST / 2am EDT today, initially slated to finish by 11am BST / 6am EDT. After the original announcement, EA Sports prolonged the downtime till 1pm BST / 8am EDT, as confirmed on Twitter. In the PDT time zone, maintenance began at 11pm PDT on Tuesday and is now scheduled until 5am PDT on Wednesday.

EA FC 24 Servers Down: When Can You Log In to Ultimate Team?
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