How to Prepare for EA FC 24 TOTS

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How to Prepare for EA FC 24 TOTS

The EA FC 24 TOTS is probably dropping next week, but are you ready for the much-awaited event?

Team of the Season has always been the most exciting Ultimate Team event. As we approach the final weeks of the season, the EA FC 24 TOTS is right on the horizon. The grand promo, which is set to arrive as soon as next week, will give players a chance to snatch the hottest cards we have seen in the game so far. The best soccer stars of the season will be rewarded with premium items, so all EA FC 24 lovers will be looking forward to getting their hands on these treats. How can you make the most out of this event? How to prepare for EA FC 24 TOTS? Here are some tips that should be of help.

How to Prepare for EA FC 24 TOTS?

EA FC 24 TOTS is right around the corner, so now you need to be more strategical than ever. If you are still struggling to finalize your EA FC 24 TOTS plan, check out these suggestions:

Make the Last Few Days of Season Pass Count

How to Prepare for EA FC 24 TOTS

Credit: EA Sports

You need to start saving up packs for TOTS and the best source of packs, is of course, the Season Pass. It ends on April 25th, so you need to hurry and stack up as much packs as you can before the EA FC 24 TOTS gets fully underway. Don’t open any of your packs. Most of the cards are not worth anything at this point, so you need to resist the urge and stockpile for TOTS, which should offer sweeter rewards.

Fuel Up for the EA FC 24 TOTS Main Event With the Warm Up Series

The EA FC 24 TOTS Warm Up Series went live on April 12th, which gives us the golden opportunity to prime ourselves for TOTS glory. The main event might launch on April 19th, so make sure you exploit the Warm Up Series and collect the necessary fodder. over the next week, EA Sports will be showering players with daily challenges and objectives, each rewarding you with juicy packs and player picks. Don't crack them open just yet – these are your golden tickets to packing elite TOTS players when the main event kicks off.

The Warm Up Series brings back daily login rewards in full force, alongside those crazy-cheap 10 & 30 Coin packs. Your fingers might be itching to rip them open, but resist the urge! TOTS is right around the corner, and these rewards would be your valuable investment. Once the TOTS finally hits the game, feed all these items to the gamein exchange of better-than-ever TOTS items.

Be Wise With SBCs

How to Prepare for EA FC 24 TOTS

Credit: EA Sports

The allure of those shiny Icon SBCs is real, we get it. But before you sink your hard-earned fodder, here's a reality check: the chances of packing a top-tier Icon are slim. Most of the time, you'll end up with a player worth less than the SBC itself. Save your precious fodder for TOTS! Those high-rated cards are your golden tickets to packing elite talent and building a squad that dominates the Ultimate Team.

Every TOTS campaign comes packed with incredible content! We are talking guaranteed TOTS player packs, special TOTS-themed SBCs overflowing with high-rated rewards, and much more. These are the moments where your saved fodder truly shines. Hold off on those SBCs with expensive requirements right now. Your high-rated cards are your key to unlocking these TOTS treasures.

Clock In More Gametime

FUT fanatics, the clock is ticking on EA FC 24 TOTS! But don't worry, there's still time to build your war chest of packs. The good news? Both Rivals and Champions are overflowing with rewards right now, thanks to a pre-TOTS boost! Every win, every goal, every climb up the ladder means more potential TOTS glory in your future.

Grinding Rivals and Champions isn't just about racking up wins. Every pack you earn is a potential TOTS lottery ticket. The more tickets you have, the closer you get to witnessing that magical blue flare erupt from your pack. Plus, Objectives offer another free path to packs, further boosting your TOTS luck. Remember, it's all about probability. Wouldn't you rather have a hundred chances at a TOTS hero than just ten? So lace up your virtual boots, hit the pitch, and sweat it out – those pre-TOTS packs are waiting to be earned!

How to Prepare for EA FC 24 TOTS
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