E11 Tschinken, E11 Stompy and COOLER aqua Crowned European Fortnite Season X Champions

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E11 Tschinken, E11 Stompy and COOLER aqua Crowned European Fortnite Season X Champions

After several weeks of competition in the European region, many believed only one trio stood at the top of the food chain. Benjy “NRG benjyfishy” Fish, Kyle “FaZe Mongraal” Jackson and Dmitri “mitr0” Van de Vrie dominated all who stood in their way leading up the FNCS Grand Finals. Aptly named MMB, this trio went into the finals with the utmost confidence and fully expected to continue their unprecedented run through the competition. In a surprising turn of events, MMB fell short of their goal and another team rose through the ranks to claim victory.

The trio of Thomas “E11 Tschinken” Horak, Klaus “E11 Stompy” Konstanzer and David “COOLER aqua” Wang defeated all in their path, ultimately crowning them European Fortnite Season X Champions. Each player within this trio participated at the Fortnite World Cup, which clearly displays their talent level to this point in competitive Fortnite. Their path to the semi-finals saw them take 1st place in Week 3 of the qualifiers. This performance punched their ticket to compete for the largest prize pool across all regions at the Season X Championship.

FNCS Europe Heat 4

Tschinken, Stompy and aqua reinforced their success over the past 5 weeks with a 1st place finish in Heat 4. With 74 points including 2 Victory Royales, this trio finished 13 points clear of second place. They combined for 35 eliminations over 6 matches in Heat 4. All signs pointed to Tschinken, Stompy and aqua storming into Grand Finals with full intentions of dethroning Mongraal, benjyfishy and mitr0.

Grand Finals: Match 1

The eventual victors began their six-match run with 2 eliminations and a 15th-place finish in the first match. Seeing as Mongraal, mitr0 and benjyfishy won this very match, the outlook was grim for all other teams as fans began to see history repeat itself. In spite of this, Tschinken, Stompy and aqua never wavered and kept level heads with 5 matches left to play. This trio accumulated just 2 points after match number one. This placed them uncomfortably behind the curve, but they had plenty of matches remaining to right the ship.

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Grand Finals: Match 2

Tschinken, Stompy and aqua’s struggles continued in match two. This trio finished match two in 30th place and had no eliminations to show for their effort. Unfortunately for them, this meant that they accumulated no points in this match. With every matching growing in importance, Tschinken, Stompy and aqua had quite a hill to climb in order to reach the top. Heading into match three, this trio had just two points and desperately needed a turn of events.

Grand Finals: Match 3

On the heels of two lackluster performances, Tschinken, Stompy and aqua received a much-needed boost in match three. They compiled 11 eliminations and a Victory Royale to boot. During the end game, Tschinken, aqua and Stompy took height and rained fire down on the entire lobby. It was here that Tschinken racked up the eliminations and aqua shut down an opposing player's attempt to shockwave for height. At the end of match three, this trio added 26 points to their total bringing them to 28 after three matches. This match set the former Fortnite World Cup participants up nicely heading into the final three matches.

Grand Finals: Match 4

Coming off of a Victory Royale, our European trio needed to continue riding this momentum. They followed up match three with yet another impressive performance in match four. The three players put up 6 eliminations collectively and finished in 4th place. Aqua was last alive for his trio and went huge when the moment called for it. Navigating the end game by himself, aqua decimated three opposing players earning his trio some much-needed placement and elimination points. The World Cup Champion put the trio on his back in that regard and made some clutch plays.

Grand Finals: Match 5

Tschinken, Stompy and aqua were well within striking distance of the FNCS victory, but they still needed two more solid matches before achieving it. In match five, the Euros put up 2 eliminations on top of a 5th place finish. This effort added 8 additional points to their overall total with only one match remaining. With E11 Boyer, Fnatic Motor and Fnatic Verox gaining the lead by 3 points over Tschinken, Stompy and aqua heading into the final match. With the leaderboard changing so often after each match, every top-five team had an opportunity to become Season X Champions.

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Grand Finals: Match 6

With no clear winner defined after five matches, it all came down to match number six. Many of the top European trios were still lurking around the top of the leaderboard. Tschinken, Stompy and aqua ultimately dominated the final match with superb numbers. The final match yielded 10 eliminations and a Victory Royale for the European trio. With the pressure and the Season X Championship on the line, Tschinken, Stompy and aqua replicated their match 3 performance. All three members remained as opposing players quickly thinned out. The European trio utilized height over the entire lobby and inflicted a ton of damage down below. Stompy completed the final two eliminations, and overall this trio capped off their run with a 25 point performance. Tschinken, Stompy and aqua each contributed in their own way, which separated them from every other trio in the finals.

The Kings of European Fortnite

Tschinken, Stompy and aqua embraced the underdog role throughout the Fortnite Champion Series. It was difficult for anyone to look past the raw talent and proven results of Mongraal, benjyfishy and mitr0. This is what makes the performance of the three winners all the more impressive. This trio went out and took the Season X Championship with sheer force. For aqua, he adds the Season X Championship to his Fortnite World Cup Championship. Tschinken and Stompy have elevated themselves into the discussion of the best European Fortnite players. The three of them earned $480K USD and are theFortnite European Season X Champions.

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