You Won’t Play as a Messiah in Dune Awakening: Developers

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You Won’t Play as a Messiah in Dune Awakening: Developers

You won't be able to enact galaxy-wide crusades in Dune Awakening, unfortunately.

The developers of Dune Awakening won't be making religion a major feature in the game.

It's only been two days since Dune Awakening's gameplay trailer dropped, and the developers are already taking a firm stance on their decision to exclude a major part from the novels: the religion.

Religion Wont Be a Big Part of Dune Awakening

Taking out a huge part of the source material is always a risky move. So the devs went on Dune Awakening's official Twitter to express their feelings about the decision.

Religion is one of the linchpins of Dune's entire mythos. The religious fanaticism that was prepared for Paul Atreides was what allowed the protagonist to rise to power in the first place.

It is almost expected aspect in any Dune adaptation. But the folks at Funcom are deciding to leave it out of their upcoming MMO for obvious reasons.

You Won’t Play as a Messiah

Considering how religion can be a touchy subject (and knowing what Paul enacts in the novels), it's easy to see why the developers didn't want to include that whole can of worms in their game.

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Dune Awakening

It's always good to see a dev team set the players' expectations on a game. And fans of the future survival crafter went on to praise the Dune Awakening team for the post's clarity.

“This is the kind of transparency we need in gaming. ‘This is what our game is.' Straight to the point, no bs.”, a follower replied.

Suggestions about bestowing “messiah powers” on random players were also voiced in the original post's reply section, and the Dune Awakening team had the perfect response.

While Sleepers will be able to build their own political houses when Dune Awakening releases, things remain unclear whether or not we'll be getting the option to start religions in-game. The official account didn't give a hard “no” though, so it's anyone's guess.

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