Dune Awakening MMO Reveals First Gameplay Trailer

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Dune Awakening MMO Reveals First Gameplay Trailer

The biggest reveals on the new Dune Awakening MMO showcase also included big reveals on hollywood collabs, skilltrees and shifting PvP zones.

Funcom's Dune: Awakening Direct event revealed a ton of exciting details about the upcoming survival game.

Dune Awakening is an open-world MMO that places players on the sands of Arrakis. There, players start their journeys struggling to survive amidst scarce resources, blinding heat and the book's signature sandworms. Afterwards, political dominance takes center stage as surviving houses struggle against each other for a monopoly on the spice planet.

This highly-ambitious game is being crafted by Funcom, the Norway-based developer and publisher responsible for other survival RPG hits such as Conan Exiles and Metal: Hellsinger.

Dune's rich universe is getting another expansion. Find out the biggest reveals in our list below!

Dune Awakening Direct Biggest Reveals

The Funcom title has been in its closed beta stage for a few months now. And the latest Dune Awakening showcase gave us more insight on just how far the game has come.

Dune Awakening Is Being Developed in Unreal Engine 5

In the short development reel we got in the Dune Awakening Direct, we finally got an insider look at how the game was being made.

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Unreal Engine 5 was revealed as Dune Awakening's game engine. This extremely powerful game engine offers stunning, current-generation graphics for modern titles. The adaptive Nanite feature used in creating the game's environments was also demonstrated during the showcase.

Dune Awakening

Dune Awakening Is Backed by Legendary Entertainment

Funcom announced their collaboration with Legendary Entertainment during the Dune Awakening Direct. Besides getting to work with assets used in the movies, Funcom's getting a big name involved in Dune Awakening's creation.

Dune & Dune Part 2 cinematographer Greg Fraisier is joining the Dune: Awakening development team.

The director of photography was responsible for how both Dune films were shot, working with color and lighting to bring Frank Hubert's novels to life. Needless to say, fans of the movie will be plased

Fraisier brings experience from working on other films like The Batman, Star Wars Rogue One and of course the Dune movies.

Dune Awakening

A Reality to Be Experienced

Dune Awakening's Game Director Joel Bylos talked about the game's skill system and the paths a player could take in the survival crafter, and it's pretty damn hype.

After briefly going though the MMO's basic mechanics, Bylos went on to explain Awakening's combat system: the “combined arms” approach. This allows players to forge their preferred playstyle using a wide variety of powerful skills. Wielding Bene Gesserit mind powers; mastering hand-to-hand combat as a Swordmaster; killing from afar with Trooper rifles, or a mix of all three. This system will provide players with dozens of powers to make every Sleeper truly unique.

New Remnant 2 Invoker Archetype Explained

Plans Within Plans

One of the biggest upcoming features for Dune Awakening is its political system which will let players start their own faction or “house”. Bylos confirmed that this aspect of the game would be fueled by special missions coming from the Landsraad, motivating player “clans” to climb to the top.

In Dune, the Landsraad is a group of the most powerful houses in the galaxy. House Atreides — Paul's family — was once part of the collective before they were betrayed.

The Most Dangerous Planet in the Universe

Bylos went on to describe Dune Awakening's more hostile areas, particularly its high-octane PvP combat zones.

Dune Awakening's PvP arenas will shift after huge sandstorms blow through the battlefield, altering the landscape and keeping players on their toes. This mechanic lines up perfectly with Dune's lore, and takes obvious inspiration from modern Battle Royale titles. But from what we've seen so far, Funcom is focusing on what makes Dune Awakening a diamond in the rough. And we can't wait to see it all unfold.

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