DreamKazper Spotted Playing Overwatch

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DreamKazper Spotted Playing Overwatch

There have been some interesting rumors going around for the past few months about DreamKazper returning to Overwatch. The Overwatch League's Boston Uprising cut DreamKazper during Season 1 for ‘allegations that arose on Twitter'. New developments have now come to light that likely proves DreamKazper is playing Overwatch again. The image below is from CarterOW's Twitch chat.

carterow’s twitch chat

Carter states that Hydration, of the LA Gladiators, and Zombs, of the Skyfoxes, “were added by Cpduid but were never messaged”. Carter also says “I, like everyone else haven't heard from him (DreamKazper) since April.”

After digging even further on ESEA (a very popular CS:GO pro pug site), an account was discovered with the name Cpduid.

Now, could this be a coincidence? Yes, it could be, but ESEA saves old aliases…


You can see in the image above that this accounts name was changed on 4/29/18 from DreamKazper to Cpduid, just a few weeks after being exposed.

I had a personal friendship with DreamKazper prior to his incident back in April. We even had a brief stint on Kungarna when he was training for a Contenders spot. I can confirm that prior to switching to Overwatch, that DreamKazper was an avid CS:GO player. I believe this is sufficient evidence to say that DreamKazper has very recently been playing Overwatch under the alias “Cpduid”.

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