WoW Dragonflight 10.1 Tank Tier List For Raiding

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WoW Dragonflight 10.1 Tank Tier List For Raiding

A look at the Dragonflight 10.1 tank Tier List as we prepare to head back into the raid for one last patch.

Patch 10.0 threw a major spanner in the works of every class in WoW. With changes to every single class via new talent trees, it certainly caused some volatility. 10.1 looks like a chance for Blizzard to reset the meta, with a number of buffs and changes to a number of classes. The most notable change comes from the Shadow Priest. It's early days, and we lack data, but it certainly looks like a meta-shake-up is about to happen. It looks like from early PTR testing, we'll be seeing a slight meta shift in 10.1. Most of this comes down to the simple fact that the raid tier benefits specs that have good single-target more than AOE. This is especially good for those people who don't change spec from boss to boss.

Note: This tier list is based on data from and Warcraft Logs. Also note that you should play whatever spec you want in WoW, and tier lists are completely pointless.

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Dragonflight 10.1 tank tier list for Raiding

S Tier:

  • Protection Paladin

A Tier:

  • Protection Warrior
  • Blood Death Knight
  • Brewmaster Monk

B Tier:

  • Guardian Druid
  • Vengeance Demon Hunter

C Tier


10.0.1 tank Tier List A closer look

The below information was posted before Dragonflight 10.1 came out. This information will be updated post-10.1 release if required and will be stated in the text. 

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Protection Paladin

It really is a great patch to be a Paladin. Top of all 3 of our tier lists, the spec is thriving once again. On the tanking front, everything seems to be going for Protection. Assuming you have no other Paladin, Prot already brings one key buff in Devotion Aura. This, mixed in with their high DPS, and high survivability, makes them an incredible addition to any tanking team.

Protection Warrior

Still one of the most reliable tanks in the game, Protection Warrior is a standout, and sits right below S-tier for us in the list. If your Prot Warrior is the only Warrior in your raid, however, they quickly rise to S-tier, due to Rallying Cry being one of the most powerful non-healer healing cooldowns in the game right now. That said, Rallying Cry is great regardless, even if you have a few of them.

Blood Death Knight

Still one of the most unique tanks in WoW. Death Knight is always that “what if” tank that guilds look at. With important raid utility such as Death Grip, Anti-Magic Zone and Gorefiend's Grasp, DK is arguably the most utility heavy tank. Outside of the Mythic level, Death Knight is especially key because their self-healing can be a life saver in tight situations.

Brewmaster Monk

Still arguably the most unique tank in the roster, Brewmaster is once again excelling in Season 2 of Dragonflight. With great damage and good damage mitigation, that's also very smooth for healers and you have a top tank. At the same time, Monk lacks the level of cooldowns as some other tanks, the aforementioned smoothness to their damage mitigation more than makes up for it.

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Guardian Druid

It's the tanking version of what Resto Shammy is doing in raid. Guardian does great in Mythic+, but what makes it strong there, doesn't make it as strong in raiding. They also lack any major utility, another reason why Guardian struggles. Outside of that, their mitigation is fine, though better can be found elsewhere.

Vengeance Demon Hunter

Sometimes being an all-rounder isn't the best when it comes to tanking. Chaos Brand is a great debuff, but most guilds will bring a Havoc Demon Hunter anyway, so it's not as important. Vegeance is a great self-healing tnak, with strong damage output with good defensive cooldowns. That said, if you want a jack of all trades, maybe Vegeance is the right option for you. Despite our low tier ranking here.