Does Pacific Drive Have Wheel Support?

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Does Pacific Drive Have Wheel Support?

Pacific Drive has proven to be a very interesting title that has aroused a certain interest in players, especially thanks to the possibility of being able to play a demo during the recent Steam Next Fest. Pacific Drive is an adventure game in which our car will be our best friend during the adventure, so many began to wonder if the game had wheel support. In this article, therefore, we will tell you everything we know about the Pacific Drive wheel support.

Pacific Drive Wheel Support Feature

Pacific Drive was presented as a game in which our car has great importance, even at a gameplay level, so it is normal that many wondered whether the game supported wheel support or not. Unfortunately, we regret to inform you that, at least for the moment, Pacific Drive will not have this feature. This was revealed by one of the developers in response to a user in a discussion on the Steam forum. However, the possibility of being able to introduce this feature in the future, with an update, has not been ruled out a priori.

The Pacif Drive development team is not very large, so there are choices, even from an economic point of view, that must be made in such a way as not to exceed the budget and the time to dedicate to each single feature. For those who are not within the sector, it is difficult to realize how much even a feature such as wheel support requires an expenditure of both money and resources. For this reason, smaller teams aim to add features after the game has been published and also to see how the public reacts to the release of the game.

All No Rest for the Wicked Known Issues

pacific drive wheel support

The world of gaming is full of examples where developers have decided to add new content and features to their game after it has been launched on the market. At the moment, therefore, we know that the team has considered the idea of adding this feature, but it is something that they will possibly work on later. In this regard, however, let's say that there are no future plans for VR support. Many have insinuated that the game would be perfect for this mode, but the development team does not seem to be willing to pursue that path.

In any case, should there be any news in this regard, we will waste no time in informing you promptly. For this reason, we advise you to continue following us so as not to miss any updates. We remind you that Pacific Drive is currently available for PC and PlayStation 5.

Does Pacific Drive Have Wheel Support?
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