Does Aerith Die in FF7 Rebirth?

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Does Aerith Die in FF7 Rebirth?

Does Aerith die in FF7 Rebirth? It's another question that many are asking, in addition to that of why Zack is still alive in the game. For this reason, in this article, we will explain everything we know and answer this question to clear away any doubts you may have.

Does Aerith Die in FF7 Rebirth? Explained

Before continuing, as usual when it comes to this type of article, we tell you that, inevitably, there will be several spoilers on the game plot. Consequently, if you have not yet played the game, we advise you to continue reading if you do not want to receive spoilers. If not, you can continue reading without any problem.

In the original Final Fantasy 7 game, Aerith gets killed by Sephiroth. Her death affects the group a lot because they have to keep going without her. Also, Aerith was really important for understanding the world in the game. In the FF7 Remake, they suggested that there might be different versions of realities thanks to different timelines, making people wonder if Aerith could still be alive.

However, what we can tell you is that Aerith dies in FF7 Rebirth. As in the original game, Aerith heads to Forgotten Capital to fight Sephiroth and put an end to her reign of evil but, unfortunately, her opponent is too strong for her and so she is killed. As a result, his Holy summon plan to stop Sephiroth from summoning Meteor fails. Players will be able to see the scene in which Sephiroth descends from the sky to impale Aerith on her sword.

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Does Aerith Die in FF7 Rebirth

The interesting and different thing compared to the original title is that, in the crucial moment, we can see how the timeline is divided: in the first case, we can see Aerith's dead body, while in the other, Cloud is able to reach her in time to save her from the Sephiroth strike. For this reason, Aerith's fate is actually not at all clear and we don't know if we will see her again in the next and final chapter of the trilogy.

The fact is that, as in the original game, players will have to face a battle. After it, Cloud will see Aerith wake up, but it is a scene that only he was able to see; the others will continue to mourn the death of their friend. Consequently, this suggests that, although in the main timeline Aerith is dead, there is another one in which Aerith is actually alive and Cloud can interact with her.

Following significant events in the City of the Ancients, the party prepares to depart. Cloud has a brief conversation with Aerith, who decides to remain at the temple in the Forgotten Capital. They bid farewell to each other, while the rest of the group remains unaware that Aerith, or perhaps a fragment of her, is still alive and well nearby.

Does Aerith Die in FF7 Rebirth

Will Aerith Come Back?

In the original game, Aerith's death was sudden and final (a thing that created some noise back in the day). However, she somehow reappears in the game after returning to Gaia's Lifestream. In the remake series, it seems like Aerith still has a big role to play, even though she survives in an alternate timeline. This means her death is part of the story that players follow in FF7 Rebirth.

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It's unclear if Aerith goes back to the Lifestream. We don't know for sure what will happen in the next installment of the remake series and how Aerith will be involved. Sephiroth's plan to mix different timelines might happen. Or Cloud and his friends could defeat Sephiroth, saving the world but making Aerith's death in their timeline permanent.

Anyway, we must consider that Aerith's death in the original game is an important part of the story. It shows loss and sadness but also brings some hope because she returns to the Lifestream. In a way, it keeps her story going, even though she's not with the group anymore.

Does Aerith Die in FF7 Rebirth?
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