How is Zack Alive in FF7 Rebirth?

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How is Zack Alive in FF7 Rebirth?

How is Zack alive in FF7 Rebirth? This is one of the most popular questions that fans of the game, both new and old, are asking. In this article, therefore, we will answer this question by giving you all the possible details on how this is possible.

How is Zack Alive in FF7 Rebirth? Explained

The first thing we tell you before continuing to read this article is that, inevitably, there are many spoilers about the ending of the game. For this reason, if you have not yet had the opportunity to play it and do not want to receive any type of spoiler, we recommend that you return to read this article when you have seen the end credits of FF7 Rebirth.

In case you have finished the game or are simply not afraid of spoilers, then make yourself comfortable because the story of FF7 Rebirth is not at all simple to explain. There are many things that have been left unsaid and shrouded in mystery, so it is important that you pay close attention so as not to miss some very important details.

How is Zack Alive in FF7 Rebirth

Those who played FF7 Remake will know that at the end of the game, Cloud and his friends defeated the Whisper Harbinger, but we don't know what happened next. In FF7 Rebirth, it is revealed that Cloud and his companions managed to create a new timeline. And this is where the key passage lies in answering the question of why Zack is still alive in FF7 Rebirth.

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In fact, thanks to the creation of this new timeline, Zack was never killed by Shinra, which is why we are able to see him in the game. However, to be precise, Zack is present in the portions of the game set in this new timeline. In fact, the game gives us the opportunity to explore both dimensions.

But it becomes even more confusing when we discover that there are endless worlds out there. Sephiroth shares this revelation at the end of FF7 Rebirth. In Chapter 14, Cloud catches a glimpse of numerous diverse worlds, each with its own unique events and inhabitants. Essentially, what this implies is that when individuals make significant decisions, it can alter the course of destiny, leading to the creation of countless new worlds, each branching off from key moments in time.

How is Zack Alive in FF7 Rebirth?
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