DMC Peak of Combat: Ultimate Beginner Tips

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DMC Peak of Combat: Ultimate Beginner Tips

Make the devil cry on your mobile phone with these DMC Peak of Combat beginner tips

DMC Peak of Combat makes the hack-and-slash classic Devil May Cry series playable on the go. The ruthless combat nature as well as the interesting plots and characters of the series remain faithful to its mainline games.

Just like other gacha games, this one too requires your undivided attention to learning various gameplay mechanics, upgrade-systems, and many different currencies. However, to help you get past the boring phase and give you a headstart in your devil-slaying journey, we have made this guide which shall propel you towards becoming the ultimate devil-slaying menace.

DMC Peak of Combat: Useful Beginner Tips

Dodge Timing

In any hack-and-slash game dodging is an essential element of the combat mechanics that needs to be perfected for a player to thrive with efficacy. Often they are not the most intuitive mechanics but upon placing the right amount of practice the outcomes are always oddly satisfying. You need to be meticulously avoiding enemy attacks while always being tempted to strike the death blow to a despicable foe. In DMC Peak of Combat, you can do the former in two ways: Jumping and dodging.

DMC Peak of Combat: Ultimate Beginner Tips

The dodge ability doesn’t involve any cooldown mechanism so you can opt for spamming it. However, we must warn you that you are sure to impress absolutely no one with that strategy. However, you can consider using the jump functionality with precision as nailing the jump just before an enemy’s strike lands on you can set you up for a high-damage counterattack. We bet you like it, don’t you? Avoiding attacks and making the Devil cry at the same time.

Daily Quests

DMC Peak of Combat: Ultimate Beginner Tips

You have to have the upgrade materials at your disposal to ensure a worthy experience playing the game. Daily activities come into crucial play in that regard because as exploitative as it may sound as a tactic to retain players in the game, the reward for indulging in that can be handsome and often very fruitful. Hand in some desirable currencies like Gems and Red Orbs while pocketing valuable upgrade materials at the same time. The Daily activities are often easy to complete and you should definitely be making use of that.

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Regularity in Upgrading

DMC Peak of Combat: Ultimate Beginner Tips

You must cultivate a habit of committing to regularly upgrading your character. You may feel that the option to upgrade is an abundant function considering how with enough mechanical skills you are able to overcome the story enemies and bosses with relative ease. Also, who doesn’t appreciate mild to moderate challenges in an action game?

However, we might have to pull your saddle back a bit there. As you progress through the campaign and reach the later stages of the game you’ll start experiencing a significant spike in difficulty. Facing adversaries without the appropriate upgrades may seem downright unfair. Bashing the game or coming at the developers would then do you no good. So be smart and invest a little bit every day in upgrading the characters. Surely the reward will be great in the long term.

You can go several ways about this situation. You can choose to simply increase the level of your player character or you can go heavy by upgrading the weapons. Leveling up certain skills will also modify your gameplay experience to your preference and lastly, don’t forget to equip the right cards for your character. They’re seriously a game-changer!

Character Experimentation

You may have guessed it already but we must ensure that you keep this in consideration – experiment with the roster of characters. There are likely going to be more of these baddies added in the future but the current bunch available in this coveted title more than does the job to ensure player engagement.

Each of the characters brings unique value to the table with each having their own vibe, personality, and most importantly, gameplay differences. That’s right with each character you’re being offered their own sets of mechanics and skills. While some are locked behind the vault waiting to be summoned you get access to a few fun ones for free right from the get-go.

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We recommend investing time with new characters in the practice menu to get the feel of those that will lead you to properly execute their skill sets in the game.

Learning the Combos

Unlike the mainline games on consoles and PCs, every character in Peak of Combat has depth to their combos and gameplay features. You can absolutely overwhelm the battlefield with these highly efficient combos and turn the tides in your favor while the Devil cries and crumbles away in the dark place it originated from.

DMC Peak of Combat: Ultimate Beginner Tips

In the heavier console games, you are controlling one character all the time but in Peak of Combat, you’re controlling a party consisting of three superheroes (Or supervillains? Depending on how you see it). The superior player skillfully manages all three characters and executes the right action in the right situation. This not only enables him to make many smart plays but also grants him a greatly satisfying gameplay experience.

If this sounds complicated, we recommend applying the PPP method. Its full form is – Practice! Practice! Practice!

Bloody Palace Utilisation

The Bloody Palace makes a dramatic return! You get to utilize your burning desire to master every element of this game’s combat and be the most skilled veteran and practitioner of the game’s eye-bleeding combos in this arena. As you clear waves of enemies in a limited time, your skills are going in only one direction – upwards!

DMC Peak of Combat: Ultimate Beginner Tips

Be cautious, fellow Palace visitor! The waves get increasingly more ferocious and scarier the more waves you triumph. However, you are built differently and this should not set you back. After all, the reward for enduring all this hardship is handsome which comes in the form of Skill manuals, Gems, character fragments, and glory points. All these items will prove vital in your journey to becoming the ultimate devil-slaying menace.

For more updates and guides on DMC Peak of Combat, keep an eye on ESTNN.

DMC Peak of Combat: Ultimate Beginner Tips
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