Dire Maul Dungeon Guide: Warcraft Rumble Horde Week

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Dire Maul Dungeon Guide: Warcraft Rumble Horde Week

Check out this Dire Maul dungeon guide in Warcraft Rumble for the Horde week. Learn how to complete it and the bosses you’ll encounter while doing so!

In this week's dungeon guide, the focus is on the Horde faction and the Dire Maul dungeon. This guide will provide a walkthrough of all the essential aspects of the dungeon and how to conquer it while aligned with the Horde faction. It's crucial to note that a Horde leader is essential for dungeon entry this week. 

Dire Maul presents a relatively manageable challenge. It boasts fewer intimidating mechanics, offering various strategies for achieving victory. For enthusiasts of the Horde faction and its leaders, prioritizing dungeon runs this week is highly recommended to seize the rewards tied with it!

What Do You Get From Completing Dungeons?

Completing dungeons in Warcraft Rumble offers significant benefits. Not only do dungeons, alongside Arclight Surges, serve as valuable sources of Arclight Energy but they also provide a convenient means of currency accumulation, especially in the game's initial phases. 

Upgrading units only demands three stars and 500 Arclight Energy, making it a relatively accessible grind. Moreover, dungeon completion enables the enhancement of your leader's army board, offering opportunities to strategically position units within your deck, thereby acquiring bonus levels.

Dire Maul Dungeon Guide

In the first two encounters, it's advisable to include at least one robust ranged attacker, such as the Huntress, Frostwolf Shaman, or Darkspear Troll. Strong ranged damage output is crucial for the initial wings but becomes less pivotal for the third and final capstone encounter.

Regarding selecting relics, prioritize those that work well with your chosen build. Typically, relics that use more minis tend to perform better as they provide increased value, regardless of the mini you decide to deploy. 

Defeating Stomper Kreeg 

Stomper Kreeg's ability to enrage his minions upon damage makes ranged units crucial for the battle. Due to their ability to attack from a distance, they can safely damage Kreeg's forces without triggering his enrage effect. 

Additionally, their sustained damage output can whittle down the health of Kreeg's minions, increasing the likelihood of them enraging and attacking each other. Ranged units also provide safety and control, allowing you to maintain control of the battlefield and avoid being caught in the crossfire of enraged minions.

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Dire Maul Dungeon Guide: Warcraft Rumble Horde Week
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By focusing your army in one location, you can create a powerful offensive force that can quickly overwhelm Kreeg's defenses. A focused push allows for efficient resource management, ensuring that your resources are used to maximize your strength. Strategic positioning of your units can take advantage of the terrain to maximize their effectiveness.

Mining gold and opening chests provide the resources necessary to deploy more units and upgrade existing ones, increasing your overall strength. Capturing objectives not only provides additional resources but also grants strategic advantages, such as increased damage output or movement speed.

Defeating Immol’thar

Immol'thar, with its ability to summon Eyes of the Void, poses a significant threat, capable of inflicting substantial damage upon detonation. However, this threat can be effectively countered by amassing a large group of allied minis, particularly ranged units.

Dire Maul Dungeon Guide: Warcraft Rumble Horde Week
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Ranged units possess the ability to safely destroy the Eyes of the Void before they detonate, preventing them from disrupting your strategic plans.

In implementing a strategy against Immol'thar, prioritize deploying ranged units. Ranged units serve as the primary force to engage and eliminate the Eyes of the Void. This way you can leverage their ability to attack from a distance to ensure their safety and effectively neutralize the threat.

Gathering a considerable number of allied minis is imperative to form a powerful army capable of overwhelming Immol'thar's forces. This ensures the firepower necessary to execute the strategy effectively while augmenting your gold income through active mining and chest exploration to provide additional resources for deploying extra units and upgrades.

Initiating a steady forward push with the army, led by ranged units, is pivotal to clear the path and engage enemies from a distance. This approach maintains control of the battlefield and facilitates progress toward Immol'thar's position.

As the encounter with Immol'thar nears, preparing durable, tanky units to absorb melee attacks is vital. This protects the ranged units, allowing them to attack from a distance safely, ensuring sustained damage output.

Strategize your attack by choosing a leader that complements the ranged attack strategy. Maintain a balance between ranged and melee units to counter Immol'thar's forces effectively. Be adaptable to changing battlefield conditions and make adjustments based on evolving circumstances to effectively counter challenges.

Defeating King Gordok

The Dire Maul dungeon culminates in an epic confrontation against King Gordok, a formidable adversary supported by Cho'Rush, his steadfast lieutenant. To conquer this challenge, a strategic approach involving the recruitment of lieutenants becomes crucial.

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The crux of defeating King Gordok lies in enlisting his lieutenants, Lethtendris and Kromcrush, to your cause. Their alliance significantly strengthens your army and sways the odds in your favor.

Initiating the recruitment of lieutenants requires reducing their health to 10%. Once this benchmark is reached, they enter a temporary inactive phase to regenerate their health.

During the regeneration period of the lieutenants, maintain a defensive stance, awaiting their reactivation. Upon their recovery, they automatically join your army, contributing essential support in the forthcoming battle.

Employ a decisive advance up the center lane once a lieutenant joins your ranks, aiming to capture the opposing tower. This strategic maneuver establishes a critical forward deploy point, enabling reinforcements and enhancing your offensive.

Divide your army after securing the tower, sending sections along the left or right lane, supported by the captured tower. Simultaneously, maintain a robust presence in the center lane to secure victory.

In higher difficulty levels, recruiting both lieutenants may be necessary for success. Their combined strength significantly amplifies your army's capabilities, elevating your chances of victory.

Who To Use In Dire Maul in Warcraft Rumble?

Dire Maul, known for its simplicity, encourages the use of leaders meant for PvE & PvP content. Prioritize the leaders you plan to play and upgrade in the game. If Horde leaders aren't your primary choice, opt for what's most convenient or enjoyable to help secure Arclight Energy from dungeon clears, benefiting your mini rarity tier upgrades.

The amount of Arclight Energy gained from dungeon clears varies based on the number of times you've completed the dungeon with a specific hero. Therefore, consider running the dungeon multiple times with different leaders to maximize Arclight energy accumulation.

Conquering the Horde week challenge in Dire Maul 

As you venture into Dire Maul and confront the formidable challenges it presents, remember to apply the strategic insights and techniques discussed throughout this guide. With a well-thought-out plan, effective resource management, and a balanced army composition, you can overcome any obstacle and emerge victorious.

As you continue your Warcraft Rumble journey, remember to apply these lessons learned and strategic principles to future challenges. With perseverance, adaptability, and a sound understanding of the game's mechanics, you can conquer any content that comes your way.

Dire Maul Dungeon Guide: Warcraft Rumble Horde Week
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