Dignitas LCS 2024 Preview

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Dignitas LCS 2024 Preview

Where do you think Dignitas will place after the 2024 LCS Spring regular season?

Dignitas has made some interesting moves ahead of the 2024 LCS Spring Split. They are acquiring talent from the LPL, while also bringing in two resident players looking for a much-needed opportunity. ESTNN is here to take a dive into the Dignitas roster for the 2024 LCS campaign, comparing them to the players they have replaced while also stacking their roster up against the rest of the league, predicting where this roster could place come the end of the Spring Split playoffs.

Dignitas' Roster Is… Interesting

The 2024 Dignitas roster is interesting, to say the least. Starting in the top lane, the “Faker of HoTS,” Lee “Rich” Jae-won, will return with the Dignitas organization for another year. Rich had a mixed 2023 as the player struggled to adapt to the LCS, partially due to Dignitas being one of the worst teams in the Spring Split, leaving little room for Rich to flex any muscle. Where Rich was decent, however, was laning with K'Sante being one of his more vital picks. Fortunately for Rich, Top Lane isn't as strong when it comes to the players, which could see him have a much better split.

Lawrence Lin “eXyu” Xu has bounced around between the NACL and Dignitas starting roster. It looks like Dignitas has finally landed on permanently giving eXyu the job. We last saw eXyu in the 2023 LCS Challengers Spring Playoffs. You can find out what eXyu has been up to since in our exclusive interview with him here. It is going to be an uphill battle for eXyu given Jungle is going to be a very contested role this year in the LCS.

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Kim “Dove” Jae-yeon is the surprise addition to the Dignitas lineup. Like eXyu, Dove was last seen playing in the Spring Split on Invictus Gaming. This feels like a move a couple of years too late. Dove is a solid player but feels like a player on his final opportunity in a significant region rather than a player who wants to be in the LCS long-term. Given the strength of the Mid Lane for 2024, Dove should be a decent player. Whether he can grow a strong relationship with his teammates is the vital question.

This is where things get “funky” for Dignitas. Frank “Tomo” Lam returns to the starting roster for 2024, while Jonah “Isles” Rosario returns to the LCS following a stint in the Amateur scene after being let go by Cloud9 in 2022. Tomo did not have the best of years on Dignitas, being one of the worst-performing bottom laners in the league during the Summer Split. This is a big test for him and his future in the league. Tomo had some decent laning stats, and perhaps a fresh start with a new Support will do him good.

Isles being picked up is an interesting one. We have not seen him in the tier-one scene since his stint on Cloud9, where he had to sub in for the organization during the playoffs of Spring 2022. Isles is a solid player and deserves an opportunity in the NACL. It will be interesting to see how he performs in the LCS.

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Dignitas LCS 2024 Predictions

Like 100 Thieves, this roster should range from fifth to last place. The solo laners will likely perform well at the start, given that every player is on ground zero regarding the new updates. Their biggest test will be the bottom lane and how they can perform in mid-to-late-game team fights where they are expected to pump out damage. The ADC pool is not that strong this year, meaning Tomo has the opportunity to climb the rankings fast with some solid performances.

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