DIG eXyu On LCS Offseason, Physical Health, And More

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DIG eXyu On LCS Offseason, Physical Health, And More

Exyu is looking to make it big in the 2024 LCS Spring Split.

Lawrence Lin “eXyu” Xu, a young and exciting prospect bouncing around the Dignitas main roster and Academy roster, will finally be looking to settle down as he has been announced as the starting Jungler for the 2024 LCS Spring Split. This has been a long time coming for eXyu; he has bided his time and is looking to make the most of this opportunity. ESTNN had the chance to sit down with eXyu before his announcement; the North American player spoke about the offseason, the importance of players keeping their physical health in order, cheering for North American talent and more.

DIG Exyu On LCS 2024

Marn: Thank you for taking the time to talk to me today! Congratulations are in order; how does it feel to be back playing on the LCS stage?

DIG eXyu: I am really excited to be back in the LCS as an official starter! I feel a lot more confident this time and hope my skills will translate well from practice to stage.

Marn: You have been bouncing around from the main roster to the academy scene; how have you remained a consistent player throughout that time?

DIG eXyu: I think a big thing for me is my ability to work with all types of players. Basically, every split I've played, there's been some form of roster swap, and it does get a little frustrating but I've always tried to get through it and learn to work with new personalities and playstyles.

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Marn: What have you been up to this offseason? It is a very stressful time for players looking to lock up their foreseeable future, but it seems your offseason was handled quickly based on reports. Have you been up to anything interesting?

DIG eXyu: This offseason hasn't been too interesting for me, to be honest. I've primarily just been practicing solo queue and focusing on my physical health to make sure my body can handle the toll of the season. Even though it's not a traditional sport, I think it's underestimated how much of a toll your body takes when playing for so many hours.

Marn: Have you been able to catch much of Worlds? If so, do you have thoughts on Faker and T1 winning?

DIG eXyu: I watched all the series starting from the bracket stage, and honestly, I'm really happy for Faker and the entirety of T1. Oner's been a player that I really respect, and seeing him finally win Worlds and get a dub on Lee Sin was pretty sick. I'm excited for another new Lee Sin skin!

Marn: Moving back into the LCS, a lot of talent is reportedly being promoted this upcoming split; while we can’t talk about specific names, what do you make of all the changes? Given the recent success of NA talent on the international stage at Worlds, do you think we should see a more competitive split?

DIG eXyu: Honestly, I can only hope that this split will be competitive and that NA teams will improve alongside each other and get to the point where each seed can stand up to their international counterparts. I think adding a bunch of new talent from NA will be exciting and hopefully the fans will feel more connected to the players.

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Marn: Something I did want to ask you about is the infrastructure surrounding imports; how has Dignitas been planning for the new season in this regard?

DIG eXyu: I think Dignitas is planning to return to the original team “gamer house” style in hopes of players getting more comfortable with each other and maybe letting the imports feel more at home.

Marn: Finally, what are your goals for this year, and do you have anything to say to the LCS fans who may be feeling down at the moment with some of the rumors about the league's future?

DIG eXyu: My main goal is to have a season that I'm proud of, but in terms of achievements, I'm hoping to play in an arena, so I guess at least the top three. To all the fans who are feeling down about the LCS, I understand the feeling but I'm hoping you guys can still cheer us on and support the players who are working hard to continue chasing their dreams!

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