Deep Rock Galactic Survivor Sales

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Deep Rock Galactic Survivor Sales

Deep Rock Galactic Survivor Sales and the total player count explained.

Deep Rock Galatic; Survivor is the spin-off sequel to Deep Rock Galactic, the acclaimed fun first person shooter. The first installment in the series the new spin off is based off of, Deep Rock Galactic, sold over 5 million copies across all available platforms. Deep Rock Galactic: Survivor, is less graphically demanding than its predecessor as its atop down view 3D shooter, instead of a first person shooter.

The game lets you pick one of four dwarvess, and you have to control the dwarf as a bug and monster killing machine and survive hordes of enemies and shoot them. the gameplay is fluid and addictive and is one of the reasons why it has broken new ground and reached new heights as compared to it’s predecessor, which focused on co-op play.

Deep Rock Galactic: Survivor Sales and Player Count

Just within it’s first week of launch, Deep Rock Galactic Survivor, has sold over 500k copies. That is about half a million, blowing people’s and the developer’s expectations. The game’s low price point has also played a huge factor, but it is that the the first title also did pretty well across the available platforms. Deep Rock Galactic: Survivior is currently available to purchase on early access via Steam.

The original sold 8 million copies as of January 2024, and with the response the new spin off is receiving, we expect it to sell much more within a shorter amount of time.

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Deep Rock Galactic Survivor is priced at just $8.99/£8.99, with a 10 percent off on Steam sale. And the game has already surpassed it’s predecessor’s player count of 46,687 players just within a week after it’s launch. The game’s peak player count currently sits at 56,943 players.

The price might be a factor in the game’s major success, as the predecessor Deep Rock Galactic was priced at $26.99 USD, while the spin off is much cheaper. The game has made its way to the top trending auto-shooters in the Steam player Database, and by the looks of it, we expect the game will reach even-higher player counts.

Deep Rock Galactic: Survivor has opened up to good reviews, with praise for its fluidity and satisfying gunplay. However, as the game is in early access, it contains a lesser amount of maps and content, but still manages to keep players invested for hours. The low price point and the reviews are a factor to the game’s ‘instant success.’ We will update this article as we receive more information regarding it’s sales’ and more.

Deep Rock Galactic: Survivor is now available to play on PC via Steam.

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